California Desert

I think you might have noticed by now, but my girlfriend Lindsey and I love to take photos. So we really wanted to visit photogenic places during our trip to California and one of them was the Palm Desert.  

We stayed in LA for majority of our time in CA, but we also visited other cities such a Palm Spring. The Palm desert is located near the highway that we had to drive through in order to get to Palm Springs. We arrive at the Desert a little bit late and almost missed the sunlight.

We had to be really fast choosing where we wanted to shoot, parking the car, preparing the camera equipment, and getting the shots. You can notice how the sky changed it's colors in these photos. We basically had 15 min to enjoy the light and get the best out of it. 

And I believe we did a great job because the lighting in this photo is my favorite par. So I totally recommend shooting in the Desert during the sunset hours if possible.

This fringe jacket matches perfectly the vibe of the Desert, and these photos got featured in SO many websites. My advice is to explore different possibilities if you are going to shoot in a place like this. Dive in the boho style, or whatever you think is ideal for desert photos, whithout being afraid of wearing something different, because that is your chance to create your own Desert Editorial. 

We got a little stressed out about the time because we had to shoot really fast, and also because Lindsey told me to be careful with snakes and I was kind of freaking out haha. But when we got the photos done and I got calmer, I looked around me and the view was surreal! Like any other place I had seen before! Imagine an infinity space with cactus, Joshua trees, mountains, and the gorgeous pink sky! 

I was wearing:

Fringe Jacket: Forever 21

White T-shirt: All Saints

Denim Shorts: American Eagle

Boots: H&M

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

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