Feeling Strong

I feel like everybody is always so afraid of changing. Most of the people I know want to change something in their lives, but they are so afraid of giving it a try. Including me.

About a year ago I moved from Manhattan to Brooklyn. I knew that I wanted to move to Brooklyn for many reasons, and I was determined to make it work here not matter what. But the doubts and fears were speaking whispers in my ears, trying to make me afraid of leaving my comfort zone. I am glad I was strong enough to shut those feelings up.

Moving to Brooklyn open my eyes to see new places and new discoveries. I am currently living in Williamsburg/Greenpoint area, and there are so many things to see, to do, and to eat (yay! haha). One of my favorite places is the Williamsburg Waterfront. You can basically see the entire east side of Manhattan from here.

Sometimes I like to just stare at the view and remember where I am, remember how much I wanted to be here, and all I have done to get here. This thinking makes me connect my past experience with my desire to achieve new goals in the future, and all of sudden I feel strong and powerful. The struggles of the past make me believe that I can overcome anything that comes in the way of achieving my goals.

And I feel even more strong when I am wearing a powerful outfit: these Marni combat boots get me ready to walk wherever I want like nothing can defeat me, and the high collar of this All Saints coat feels so protecting.

The red lipstick gives the feminine touch, reminding me that I carry with me all the strengths of a woman. 

I am strong, but what I am wearing can definitely help even more.

Some behind the scenes shots.

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Lighting and assistance: Vijay Slager

I was wearing: 

Coat: All Saints

Boots: Marni

Sunglasses: Classics Specs

Pants: Asos

Copy the look:

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC