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Jacket: SuperDry | Skirt: SuperDry | Bodysuit: SuperDry | Sneakers: SuperDry

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Ruffles & Gingham

Skirt: Asos | Top: Tobi | Shoes: Asos

Hasta La Vista Havana

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Tropic Babe Set: Free People | Sandals: Call it Spring

Guanabo Beach

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Swimsuit: Bliss Bandits | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

In Paradise with Volcom

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng


Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Jacket: Superdry | Dress: Superdry | Sandals: Superdry

First day in Havana Vieja

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Jumpsuit: Tobi | Sandals: Call it Spring

Sunday on the roof

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Last Sunday I spent part of my afternoon helping my friend Chelsea to "build" her roof. She lives in Bushwick and has an amazing backyard that happens to also be a private roof. She has incredible roommates and they have decided to make the roof the coolest spot for us to hang out this summer.

First the idea was just to make it nicer and more comfortable, but then we started to get more creative and promises of palm trees and bath tubs have been rolling around and I am so excited to help making this place look incredible. I will probably be posting more photos from the #VanRoof this summer, and I have actually started shooting some videos of the renovation/decoration process so stay tuned for more.

Now about my outfit, summer has not even started yet and I am already wearing my crop tops. I have actually forbidden myself to buy any more crop tops because so many let see how that goes lol. But I found this red one about a month ago for $5.90 at Zara and since that's basically what I paid for my coffee I decided to just get it. Not super proud, but I definitely love the color. I also love my new skirt from H&M which was also super cheap (I think it was $34.90) and I will be wearing it all the time this summer. And lastly but not least, how hot are my new ray bans? I can't take them off my face!!

Sunglasses: Smart Buy Glasses | Crop top: Zara | Skirt: H&M | Shoes: Steve Madden

T&J Wedding

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Last Saturday I felt really honored to be at my friends Theresa and Jessica wedding in Brooklyn. Jessica has been friends with my girlfriend Lindsey Thoeng for a long time, and I met the couple right in the beginning when I started dating Lindsey. They are both so beautiful, have an incredible vibe to be around, and their wedding was the most beautiful one I have ever been.

First of all, it was my first lesbian wedding, so I was super excited. And then these two sutnning girls walk down the aisle with so much peacefulness and graciousness. You could tell through their shinning eyes how much that moment was important for them.  

I feel like I could barely breath during the ceremony. I just felt this intense urge of happiness, love and joy, and then I started to cry once they started their vows. Theresa is a DJ and after the ceremony the dance floor was LIT! Every single person was dancing and there was even a drag queen and dancers performing. But beside the unforgettable party that they threw, the best part was to be there celebrating their love. Everyone there had a huge smile in their face.  

I went home feeling more hopeful than ever that love is a beautiful thing and it can move mountains. Cheers to T&J!

Dress: Tobi | Sandals: Aldo

Black Leather Skirt

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Bodysuit: Boohoo | Leather Skirt: Asos | Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Super Dry SS Collection

Dress: Super Dry | Shoes: Super Dry

Happy in pink

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Sweatshirt dress: Topshop | Boots: Steve Madden

Keep me where the light is

Sandals: Alysia | Jeans: DSTLD | Top: Makemechic

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I wanna make it here

Oh New York City! I think I've never felt the mix of hate and love for anything else as I feel for NYC. I hate the comute, the winter, the expensive rent, the lack of space, the traffic, the fact that I don't have laundry inside my apartment, the mean people in the streets, and the constant feeling of not having enough time to do it all. The last one I think is what bothers me the most. One of the greatest thing about living in NYC is the variety of things to do here. You will never get bored. And although I love that, it also makes me feel like I am not doing enough, because there is so much to do. But I definitely love that "problem" in the same amount I hate it. Right now, this city is the place where I keep my creativity and dreams alive. There is something about the streets, the buildings, and the lights, that gives me the feeling of "I wanna make it here". This feeling is stronger than my hate for any of those things I mentioned in the beginning of my post. So every time I start feeling tired or discouraged I try to stop complaining about the bad and focusing in the good part of this sleepless city. I reunite with my friends, shoot some cool photos with my girlfriend Lindsey, and stop to think about all the opportunities that I can only find here. Hopefully, sometime soon I will achieve all the goals I have in mind for this place. 

Dress: Asos | Bag: Melie Bianco | Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Highlights of my NYFW

I have a feeling that in NYC time goes by faster than everywhere else, and I am always surprised by how soon New York Fashion Week comes around again and again. Although its a pretty busy time for me, and it can also be very hard when is extremely cold or snowing, I love that week so much. Before I moved to NYC I used to dream about going to the shows and seeing the collections on the runway, so I try to keep that dream alive and appreciate the bright side of it. 

This season I was really happy to see the show of Noon by Noor and Leanne Marshall again. The clothes at Noon by Noor were so modern and on point, I could wear everything! And it was great to see Leanne Marshall's show for the 4th time in a row. She's so good with the drape of her gowns and they are always flowy. I also love how this time she introduced some pants and bright reds to her collection. Maybe its a reflection of the power woman that she's becoming.


Another show that I was so pleased with was Farm's presentation. Farm is a Brazilian brand and they have really cool prints and pieces to rock at the beach or on a tropical vacation.


Lastly, my favorite moment of fashion week was to have the opportunity to be at the Public School backstage ( huge thanks Aveda). I always love to go to the backstages and see the show being prepared, but Public School was such a cool experience. I am a big admirer o Maxwell Osbourne and Dao-Yi Chow so it was nice to see them working from close. The Aveda team was lovely as always and they made the models look even more gorgeous than they already are. And I got to see the clothes first hand as the models were making their way to the catwalk. The clothes were dope as usual, but this time with a special message: "Make America New York". We definitely need to keep reminding each other about love and resistance, and I was beyond happy seeing this message on Public School show. I can't wait to get one of those hats.

A day at Parque Ibirapuera wearing Reviled


Right now I am sitting on my couch under a cozy blanket, which is super nice and comfortable, but I can't stop wishing I could go back to that morning at Parque Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo, Brasil. That park is basically the Brazilian version of Central Part. It was super nice to be there walking around and breathing in the clean air. 
Both my top and culottes are from Reviled. I am in love with this mesh top! I have been obsessed with everything mesh lately and this combination with leather made me have major heart eyes.

Top: Reviled | Culottes: Reviled | Sandals: Dr Martens | Sunglasses: YSL

Silver Slip Dress

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Dress: Love Culture | Sandals: Love Culture | Choker: Forever 21

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