Getting fit in Harlem

Harlem is a neighborhood in Manhattan, just north of Central Park. It is known as an African-American residential, cultural and business center. After the World War II crimes and poverty increased in that area, and unfortunately many people believe that is a very dangerous area. New York City is a big city, populated by people from all over the world, so of course it is not the safest place on earth. However after living here I learned that many scary stories about Harlem are only myths nowadays. There are plenty of nice restaurants in Harlem and also beautiful views. 

The following pictures were taken close to 125th street, where you can have a nice view of the river and the city. Is a great place to go on a run or exercise, since the view is relaxing and motivational at the same time, plus you can get a nice breeze.

I am wearing Adidas pants and sneakers. Those pants give me an amazing fit. I hate pants that fall when you are moving. This one attaches to your body while giving you freedom to move , plus the material of it does not get "sticky" as you break a sweat.

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC