San Francisco

San Francisco is a place in California that I have always wanted to go, and it was an amazing experience. I could definitely see myself living in SF. I love how there are a lot of things going on, like nice shops, restaurants, cool people, but it is still a calm and chill place ( I guess coming from NYC any place is calm).

At the Golden Gate Bridge

My favorite places I visited while I was there was the Palacio of Fine Arts, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Painted Ladies in Alamo Square (where the show Full House was shot), the downtown area where the shops are, Chinatown (yummy food), and last but not least: the Marshall's Beach.

In front of the Painted Ladies in Alamo Square

At Marshall's Beach

The Palacio of Fine Arts and the Marshall's Beach are great places to watch the sunset. I was there in mid January and the weather was so pleasant! I am definitely coming back again sometime soon. Hopefully during the winter so I can get a escape from the freezing NYC.

At the Palacio of Fine Arts

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