Yoga at Yogaworks

I’m the type of person who loves to try out a bunch of different workout classes: from boxing to dancing anything that seems challenging sparks a interest in me.

Yoga is one of the classes that it’s pretty challenging for me because I’m not flexible at all, and I usually prefer the classes which I run/jump/lift and sweat like a crazy person. But there were so many times that I did yoga and enjoyed it so much that I decided that in 2007 I was going to get better at it. I told myself that I was going to practice more often to improve my flexibility, breathing, posture, and that way enjoy yoga every time I do it, because nothing compares to that peaceful feeling afterwards.

I got super happy when I started doing classes at Yogaworks. First of all, the stuff there is super nice, and the studios are so beautiful, with great lighting that makes me feel relaxed by just being there. Their instructors are amazingly patient, and capable of helping everybody in the class. I especially loved how they are very specific about how you should do each move, explaining how your posture should be, and how you should feel.

And then I decided to try the Coreworks class and it made me fall in love even more with the studio. I came to the class thinking I was going to nail it because I work my core so much doing boxing and total body conditioning at the gym, and I was extremely surprised about how there are many other exercises to work your core, targeting different muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I felt my abs tighter after the class (yay) and broke a sweat just the way I love. Definitely recommend trying that class! In NYC I did it with the instructor Lynette Johnson and she’s wonderful!

Now, how cute is my sportswear from Boohoo? I’m kind obsessed with it and got some compliments in the locker room (yay again). This set is super comfortable and is a great deal for the price. The link to shop it is below:

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