Shining Bright 2015!

What to wear for New Year's Eve party? This is a question that comes to my mind before thanksgiving and sometimes I can't find an answer until few hours before the party. In Brazil, where I grew up, we wear white to bring good luck for the upcoming year. We strongly believe that the color of our outfit have an influence in what we will be receiving in the following year. If you want a happy love life; you should wear pink. If you want to fall in love for someone; you should wear red. If money is what you desire, then wear yellow. And so on.

However the color white is the standard for a happy year filled with peacefulness, and therefore it is the most worn during New Year's celebration.

Since I've moved to USA I have a hard time choosing what to wear for New Year's Eve parties because I find extremely difficult to find something white and doable in the freezing cold weather of the East coast where I currently live. The past two years I was "forced" to break my tradition and I wore the color I would never, EVER, wear in my country: black. 

Honestly speaking, I have to confess that both years I wore black were wonderful years and yeah, maybe the idea of colors is only an illusion my country keeps passing on to the new generation in order to keep some of our traditions alive.

Although I've built that opinion, it is still hard for me to wear a totally black or dark outfit. I haven't decide yet what I am going to wear, and I believe I am not the only one. So here I have my picks to help you to decide! (and maybe you can leave a comment helping me as well haha). The only thing I've decided is that I want something to shine! I already solved my choosing a color problem. I want to welcome 2015 wearing something sparkling, because I know this is going to be an amazing bright year! And luckily I have found good glittering stuff:

Sequin Fringe Dress ASOS $142.13

Sequin Fringe Dress ASOS $142.13

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC