The Best Moments of My 2015

I was about to start writing my new year's resolutions, when I stopped to think about my resolutions from last year and realized how 2015 was a pretty good year for me. I was actually able to cross off most of my new year's resolutions from last year, so I'm sharing my achievements with you - some of them are small and simple but meaningful to me. I hope this way I can inspire you to have an amazing 2016 in which you can do so much if you focus on your goals!

I started the year right by going to California in early January. It was my first time on the West Coast, and it was definitely an unforgettable trip where I saw Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Big Sur, San Francisco and so much more along the way.

I survived another winter in NY! I hate the winter so much, and there were some days that I just wanted to fly back to my warm country Brazil. But guess what? This girl was able to handle the low temperature in good style - despite some sore throats. 

3.9 GPA. I like doing my best at school and I was very happy when I was on the Dean's List. I was actually jumping from excitement!

I also went to Miami and stayed in the most beautiful and dreamy spot in South Beach: 1 hotel

I went to Governors Ball. It was ok, not great but I added it to this list because it was something I really wanted to do.

I had very nice walks in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, visiting Smorgasburg, some cute restaurants, vintage stores, and my favorite ice cream place: Van Leeuwen.

I was in a really dope video: Summer Breakers with my super stylish fashion blogger friend Lynn Do.

I had the chance to travel to Pennsylvania and Avalon to visit the family I lived with when I was an au pair. They are SO important to me - really like a family, and I miss them SO much. It's always an awesome time when I am with them.

I was part of the cast of the Brazilian youtube series: "Quero Ser Grande" (I wanna be big), which showed the stories of young Brazilians in NYC making their dreams come true. In one of the videos, I also came out of the closet to many of my friends and family:

New York Fashion Week was probably the best time of the year for me. I was honored to be invited to some shows and see the collections on the runway. I will also never forget the experience of being in the backstage of Osklen and Tibi. Thanks again Aveda!

As I am starting to notice some damage on my skin from poor hydration and lack of exfoliation, I was able to find amazing skincare products and treatments which are making my skin better than ever before.

I tried new workouts that made me stronger and gave me more energy. I think exercising more is a new year's resolution of most people, and I have to say that I am very proud of how focused I was maintaining that goal throughout the year. I fell in love with boxing, learn that I can improve my yoga poses, and increased my stamina by doing a lot of high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I remember the countless delicious and healthy mornings I had in 2015. Soon I will post some of my favorite recipes here ;)

Lindsey and I produced an incredible shoot featuring Balmain x H&M collab. I still can't believe how beautiful these photos came out. I am so proud of my dream team who can do everything*: my girlfriend and me. (everything*= styling, hair, makeup, location scout, lighting, photography).

I collaborated with brands from different parts of the world. I think it's pretty awesome that as a Brazilian living in New York City, and I worked with brands from different parts of the world such as Medusa from Tel-Aviv, Idotshirt from Malaysia, and Flatiron from South Korea. It's really nice to be able to mix different cultures and produce cool projects that can inspire people from all over the world.

I also worked with amazing brands which made me feel very honored. Brands that I have a big admiration and respect for, like: Uniqlo, NY&COClinique, Aldo Group, DSTLD Jeans, Billabong, and others.

And the best part of all of these experiences is that I had my beloved girlfriend Lindsey by my side; supporting me, encouraging me, and making everything even more fun and meaningful.

Of course, like in everyone’s life, there were also moments when things were not that beautiful. There were moments when I was exhausted trying to handle school, work, blogging, and it just seemed so hard to keep going. I just wanted to scream: screw everything and run to my mother's arms. In those moments, the disappointment and tears were unavoidable. But I swear that from each tough moment came a lesson, and a reason to become stronger.

I have no words to describe how excited I am for the new year, and all the opportunities and memories that will be created in the next 365 days.

Thank you for following my journey! I wish you a 2016 filled with meaningful achievements and happiness.


New Selfie Innovation: The Selfie Mirror

In 2013, the Oxford dictionary named the word “selfie” the word of the year. It was definitely well deserved, since the word became so popular everywhere: from Instagram selfies to lonely tourists taking their photos in front of a landscape - selfies guaranteed their space in everyone's heart. I think the reason for the big success of the selfies is the no-effort for a good photo.  You don’t need to ask anyone to take your picture, you just do it yourself and you can do it many times you want until you are satisfied.

And now the selfies are going to the next level: The Selfie Mirror is the newest innovation for photos with great quality - much better than your phone - and the practical do it yourSELFIE! And the best part is that with this mirror we can actually get a photo of our entire look from head to toe! Say goodbye to the Selfie stick!


Em 2013 a palavra "selfie" foi nomeada a palavra do ano pelo dicionário Oxford. Eu não fiquei nem um pouco surpresa com isso já que a palavra se tornou tão popular em todos os lugares. Das selfies no Instagram até as selfies feitas pelos turistas viajando sozinhos sem ter ninguém pra tirar uma foto dele: as selfies garantiram seu espaço no coração de todo mundo. Eu acho que um dos motivos principais do sucesso das selfies é o fato de que ninguém precisa de ajuda pra conseguir uma foto, e também a liberdade de tirar inúmeras fotos até conseguir a ideal.

E agora as selfies estão subindo de nível! O espelho: "Mirror Selfie" é a mais nova invenção para fotos com ótima qualidade e feitas com praticidade da selfie: feitas por você mesmo! E com esse espelho da pra tirar foto do look todo!

What I really love the most about this amazing innovations is the quality of the image it can produce, the 2000 lumens of LED glow around the edges of the mirror, and the built in microphone. Especially for youtubers and vloggers because the mirror can also be used for HD video blogging at 60 frames per second, and you can upload straight to YouTube. I am actually seriously thinking about creating my own youtube channel once I get my Selfie Mirror. It will be so much easier! 

E o mais bacana é que as fotos são de alta qualidade, e também tem microfone embutido, o que é ótimo para youtubers e vloggers. Eu acho que vou até criar meu próprio canal no Youtube assim que eu receber meu Selfie Mirror. Vai ser tão fácil de gravar vídeos!  

Ready to take your selfies to the next level? Visit the Selfie Mirror campaign on Indiegogo for more info.


Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Balmain for H&M collaboration screams gold, embroidery, velvet, and silhouette. The collection is very similar to the Balmain mainline, which is one of the reasons why people were waiting so anxiously to buy the clothes at H&M. But the biggest marketing tool that made the collection so wanted was the all the pizzazz in Social Media. Specially because the super models influencers: Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid were on the hot spot of the Balmain x H&M campaign.

I knew that I wanted this Green Velvet Dress from the very fist time I put my eyes on it.  I love the deep dark green color because it gives a new color to my collection of only black fall/winter dresses. This color has the same good qualities of a black dress: sophisticated and easy to style, which made me want it even more. I love things that are chic and practical at the same time.

I have a long body, so I love the way that turtlenecks and shoulder pads look, because they have a nice structure and give me an impression of good posture. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I felt strong and confident. I was even playing around on my snapchat (kelpaiva), saying that I never felt so Jenner before.

I don’t think I can say anything to explain why I added the belt to this look. Just look at how beautiful this belt is, and how it makes my waist smaller, plus it adds glamour and “Balmainesses” to my look.

Lastly but not least, I also love this dress because it is totally wearable! Even though it is very chic, and it’s from a Balmain collaboration, it is not super luxurious at the point that I would never wear it. As I said before, it is super easy to style, and It will look chic not matter what. I can totally see myself wearing this dress to a party, a cocktail event, or even to a semi-fancy dinner. I am so happy I got this dress. As Olivier Rousteing said before the launch: “It’s going to be once in maybe a century that people will have this chance to get these couture things”. I definitely took his words seriously. Who knows when I am going to buy Balmain again?

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

My experience shopping balmain x h&m

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Since 2004 when H&M had the first designer collaboration (with Karl Lagerfeld), the event have become an annual exceptional date for us - the people who cannot miss the opportunity to buy high-end-fashion for fast-fashion price. Although the prices of the collaboration items are usually way higher than the usual H&M price, it is still an amazing deal to get a Balmain dress for only $149 - That is exactly how much I paid for this Green Velvet Dress.

I have watched videos, and seen photos of some crazy situations at H&M stores where all the excited costumers is roughly trying to purchase the Balmain collection at the same time. I am talking about hundreds of fashionista consumers + people who are going to sell the clothes on ebay for triple of the price, running, pushing, screaming, and basically “fighting” to get the best pieces. It’s like a Spartan race where the fittest wins the golden Balmain belt.

But for me the experience was totally calm and under control. I was at H&M last year for the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration, which gave me the experience and knowledge of how it works. So at this time I was basically an expert on getting my clothes.

I went to the H&M store in Soho. I chose that particular store because I figure it would be less busy than the more touristic ones at Times and Herald Square. I arrived at the store at 6:15 am. I know it sounds super early, but I have to go to class and wake up around that time anyways, so for me it was not that hard. It was actually much better to miss my class and go shopping for Balmain instead of going to school. Wish I could do that every week haha.

When I arrived at the store I was among the 40 first people in the line. Then when it was 7am, the H&M’s staff started distributing bracelets with the time to enter the store and shop. Each group of 10 people had 10 min to go inside and get what they wanted. I had already done my homework and created a list of what I wanted, and also backup options, so my 10 min were more than enough. Since I was among the 40 first in the line, most of the clothes were still available in all size. Lucky early bird me.

My favorite item is for sure the Green Velvet Dress, but I also love this black top. The quality of the material, and the cuts are very well made, and give the pieces the luxurious effect. They don’t feel or look like any regular dress and top. They are Balmain.

Besides looking good in the body, and looking so fancy, I love how most of the collaboration is totally wearable! If I had more money, I could buy even more stuff and I am sure I would wear them. Olivier Rousteing did a fabulous job preparing the collaboration.  He was a H&M boy himself and shopped the Karl Lagerfeld collaboration in 2004. He understands how meaningful it is for us to be able to own such marvelous clothes. Thank you Olivier!

Rent sunglasses: It's like Netflix for your face

Have you ever dreamed of having an endless collection of sunglasses? If you are obsessed for those babes like me, your answer will be YES!

For me, in most of my looks, my sunglasses are as important as the shoes, tops, pants or dresses. They can represent a certain style, and give the special last touch in the look. 

Já sonhou em ter uma coleção infinita de óculos de sol? Se você for apaixonada por esses queridinhos do jeito que eu sou, sua resposta vai ser SIM!

Pra mim, na maioria dos meus looks, meus óculos tem um papel fundamental em transparecer um certo estilo, ou categoria. Eles são tão importantes como os sapatos, blusas, calças, vestidos, e etc. 

I recently found out that my dream of having a huge variety of sunglasses options could come true thanks to Ditto.  If you don’t know about Ditto yet, they are a really cool company that rents unlimited designer sunglasses for only $24/mo.

Even though I have already a small collection of sunglasses at home, many of them are already outdated, and not trendy enough for today’s fashion. So becoming a member of Ditto was the easiest and best way to always have a new pair of sunglasses on.

Eu descobri recentemente que meu sonho de ter uma variedade gigante de óculos de sol podia se tornar realidade graças à empresa Ditto. Infelizmente eles ainda não trabalham com outros países além dos EUA, mas ele são uma loja que aluga as melhores marcas de óculos por apenas 24 dólares por mês. 

Eu até tenho bastante óculos em casa, mas não adianta: sempre sai algum modelo novo e eu ficou louca pra comprar. Porém óculos é algo caro que não da pra ficar comprando toda hora, e deixar os velhos mofando na gaveta. Por isso que o Ditto acabou sendo uma ótima idéia pra mim. Posso sempre usar óculos diferente, sem gastar uma fortuna.

It’s super easy to sign up, and if you sign up with the code RAQUELPAIVA you will get the first month free! So don't waste your time!

My sunglasses always arrive super fast, very nicely packaged, and whenever I need to swipe them for a new pair I just pick the one I want on their website, and send the old ones back: Super practical and efficient! “It’s like Netflix for your face”.

É muito fácil de cadastrar no site, e se usar o código RAQUELPAIVA você ganha o primeiro mês de assinatura de graça. 

Os óculos sempre chegam super rápido, em uma embalagem ótima, e quando eu decido trocar de óculos eu apenas escolho o novo modelo que quero no site, e envio os que tenho em casa de volta pra eles. Super fácil e prático! "É que nem Netflix pro seu rosto".

Click here to go to Ditto's website and get your next designer sunglasses.

Backstage Report: Tibi at New York Fashion Week SS 16

Tibi’s backstage was a dream to be a part of. I felt very honored to be there and see from up close the work of such talented people as Tibi’s designer and founder Amy Smilovic, and make-up guru Bobbi Brown.

Tibi’s show was stunning as always. Amy Smilovic created a collection inspired by the spirit of Miami, Havana and Los Angeles. The pallet of colors used in the collection ranged from neutral and pastel colors to burgundy, giving the feeling of lightness and freedom, yet modern and optimistic.

Amy wanted her collection to be a celebration of the future, without forgetting about the good memories of the nineties. That is why elements like the Bermuda shorts, and the high-waisted cargo pants were inserted in the collection: “The Tibi woman knows how to take her reminiscence and mold it on her own terms for a better future”.

My favorite look was the pink sequined pleated tank dress. But I am definitely also obsessed with the burgundy looks.

It was also a priceless experience to see the talented Aveda team getting all hair ready for the show. Aveda Guest Artist Frank Rizzieri created a look that embraces the natural beauty of the hair: “I’ve designed different levels of playfulness for each girl by working with the natural bends and waves of the hair,” Rizzieri says. “The result is style that is naturally tousled and says ‘I’m ready to venture out and see the world.’’

The monochromatic tones in the nails imagined by Jin Soon completed the clean and modern aesthetic look.

Backstage Report: Osklen at New York Fashion Week SS 16

Proud Brazilian that I am, I have no words to describe how much I admire Osklen's designer Oskar Metsavaht. I was super excited to see his SS 16 collection first hand at this season's Fashion Week, and also to be invited by Aveda to witness the magic being created with my own eyes in the backstage area.

Osklen's SS16 collection is incredibly beautiful. The dresses were relaxed and chic without losing the cool vibe of the brand, with a touch of breezy Amazonia. 

Inspiration for the collection came from the tribe of indigenous people Ashaninka. Oskar’s idea was to tell through his garments the story of a city girl who was visiting the Ashaninka tribe: “Her journey evolves in her look, from luxe and self-confident to a more self-actualized and artistic woman.” 

The off-white, urucum red, black, straw and indigo palette perfectly represented the indigenous tribe. The silhouettes are as simple and clean as the clothes of the Ashaninka population.

Aveda's Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, completed the Amazonia vibe by creating an intricate knotted twist to convey the look of the girl after her time with the tribe.

Along with the other girls who got access to the backstage area, got a matching knotted and twisted hairstyle before the show started, expertly done by Aveda’s Trained Artistic Team Member Jennelle Lessard. She used the incredibly good smelling Aveda Thickening to prepare our hair, Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo to give a matte look, and finalized it with Aveda Control Force Firm Hair Spray. 

And as if the pampering was not enough, we also got a hand massage by beautiful Mideyah, using the relaxing, and deliciously smelling Aveda Stress-Fix.

My backstage experience with Osklen and Aveda was absolutely unforgettable, and Osklen's presentation was beyond my expectations! Parabéns Oskar Metsavaht!

New York Fashion Week SS16 Report: Daniel Silverstain

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng 

Two weeks ago I was invited to the Daniel Silverstain show. First I was surprised because I thought fashion week was only starting on the 10th, but then I was informed that this year there was an extra day added to the calendar. Of course I was not going to miss the chance to watch this show! 

Duas semanas atrás eu fui convidada para o desfile do Daniel Silverstain na Semana de Moda de Nova Iorque. Primeiro fiquei surpresa porque eu achei que a semana de moda só começva no dia 10, mas depis fui informada de que esse ano vai ter um dia extra adicionado ao calendário. Claro que eu não ia perder a chance de assistir o desfile!

I woke up very excited to see the show, and I left the show even more excited than I was before! I felt in love with so many of the looks! Especially the bandeau tops, the Mid-Century Eyelet Chiffon Layered Dress, and I am obsessed with the silk scarves! I wish I could just go up on the runway, take one scarf and wear it right away! 

Acordei muito animada para assistir o show, e eu sai do show ainda mais animada do que eu estava antes! Eu me apaixonei por muitos looks! Especialmente os cropped bandeau, o vestido branco com transparência e camadas, e estou obcecada com os cachecóis de seda! Eu queria simplesmente subir na passarela, roubar um deles, e usar imediatamente! haha

Also, the primary colors chosen by Daniel looked harmonically beautiful! I loved the touches of yellow, green, and blue in the white looks.

Além disso, as cores escolhidas por Daniel ficaram harmonicamente lindas! Eu amei os toques de amarelo, verde e azul nos looks brancos.

Hair was also looking really amazing, giving the show a futuristic look, connecting to Daniel Silverstain's theme: "I Have Seen the Future".

Os cabelos também estavam realmente incríveis, dando um visual futurista! Que conectou com o tema do Daniel Silverstain: "Eu vi o futuro ".

And all I have to say about the future now is that I am very excited and inspired for this NYFW! Stay tuned for more! xx

E tudo o que eu tenho a dizer sobre o futuro agora é que eu estou muito animada e inspirada para essa semana de moda! Fiquem ligado para mais desfiles legais essa semana! xx

Fun way to shop at

What if I tell you that there is an online store that rewards you for browsing through their website, would you believe me?

Ifchic is an online store that carries some of the best contemporary designers, and make this fun “game” that you can collect coins and exchange for clothes.

Collecting coins is super easy and fun! Mostly fun because you know that those coins are going to become clothes J, and there are few things in life more fun than getting new clothes! (at least for me haha). You can collect 6 coins per day for 30days. That way you will save up to $180 on your purchase. You can use your coins on their monthly #ifchic24 event. 

On August 24th I was super excited to use my coins. Since I had a very busy day, I could only do it at night after work, but there was no way I was going to miss that day! I chose to get this sweater, which I believe will be great for fall.

My sweater was delivered 2 days after I purchased it, I am so happy with it!

I really wanted to write this post to share my experience so you could have some time before the next 24th to collect some coins and get some epic clothes!

Have fun shopping! xox

Backpack to School

1. Ash Domino Croc Embossed Leather Backpack

2. Stella McCartney Falabella Snake Embossed Backpack

3. Dolce Girl Braided Faux Leather Backpack

4. Kate Spade New York Clark Court - Marin' Nylon Backpack

5. Valentino Rockstud Camo Backpack

6. MARC BY MARC JACOBS Ligero Leather Backpack

7. Top Shop Studded Backpack

8. Ecote Suede Flap Mini Backpack

9. ELEVENPARIS Karl is My Father Faux-Leather Backpack with Rain Cover

10. Silence + Noise Pebbled Leather Mini Backpack

It’s time to get back to school again!

I started my classes last week, and I can say that I am already looking forward for winter break haha. But during these few days I’ve been going to school, I have realized that my backpack is not as great as it used to be, and maybe its time for an update.

When I went online to try to find a new one, I found so many cool options and I can’t decide which one I should get! Actually, if I could afford I would definitely buy the Stella McCartney one. #dreamon #maybeoneday.

So I decide to share my fav picks with you, so maybe you can help me, and perhaps if you are also looking for a new backpack,I hope you can get some inspiration.

Chegou a hora de voltar às aulas mais uma vez!

Eu comecei as minhas aulas na semana passada, e tenho que confessar que eu já estou ansiosa para as férias de inverno haha. Mas durante esses primeiros dias de aulas, eu percebi que a minha mochila está bem velhinha e talvez seja hora de comprar uma nova.

Quando entrei em alguns sites para procurar alguma legal, eu encontrei tantas opções que eu não consigo decidir qual eu deveria comprar! Na verdade, se eu pudesse e meu dinheiro desse, eu compraria a da Stella McCartney! #sonhomeu #quemsabeumdia.

Então eu decidi compartilhar as minhas mochilas favoritas com vocês, que ai talvez vocês possam me ajudar, ou talvez se vocês também estiver procurando uma mochila nova, essas vão servir de inspiração.

Who Run The World? Denim!

For many women, jeans are the sweetheart of their closet and we never have enough of them. Because it doesn't matter how many pairs you have, there will always be a new wash, cut, or style trending.

Now, in the Summer 2015 the denim madness went beyond pants! From watches to dresses and crop tops, take a look at some denim picks that are taking over the hot season:

Para a maioria de nós mulheres, jeans sãoos queridinhos do nosso armário, e nunca temos o suficiente. Porque não importa quantos pares você tenha, sempre vai ter uma nova lavagem, corte, estilo ou tendência.

Agora no verão de 2015 aqui no EUA, a loucura pelo tecido jeans foi além das calças! De relógios à vestidos e crop tops, dê uma olhada em algumas coisinhas jeans que estão tomando conta da estação quente por aqui:

Is Your Fitness Wardrobe Summer Ready?

It's summertime! Yay! Time to give some break to your black, gray and dark fitness outfits.

There are plenty of colorful leggings and workout tops for you out there, to make you fitness sessions more fun and bright!

Take a look on my favorites:  

É finalmente verão em NY! Yay! Chegou a hora de dar umas férias para as roupas de academia pretas, cinzas e escuras.

Existem tantos tops e leggings lindas e coloridas no mercado, para fazer nossas sessões fitness mais divertidas e legais!

Dê uma olhada em meus favoritos:

The Impact of Clueless on Fashion

I was only 4 years old when the movie Clueless was launched in 1995. But despite my young age, I remember watching this movie AT LEAST fifteen times thought my childhood and teen years. I just could never get enough (I still can’t).

One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Cher is in her computer choosing her “OOTD”. In her screen she can swipe through her wardrobe, and decide what she is going to wear. I remember that scene blowing my mind! Now I think its funny that I loved that scene more than the romantic or funny ones, maybe because I was a little fashionista already.

Eu tinha apenas quatro anos quando o filme "As Patricinhas de Beverly Hills foi lançado em 1995. Mas apesar de ser ainda muito pequena, eu lembro de assistir esse filme pelo menos umas quinze vezes durante a minha infância e adolescência. Eu simplesmente não enjoava (e ainda não enjoei).

Uma das minhas partes favoritas do filme foi quando a Cher estava no computador escolhendo o seu "look do dia". Em sua tela, ela conseguia visualizar guarda-roupa, e decidir o que ela iria vestir. Essa cena me deixava louca! Agora eu acho que é engraçado que eu amava aquela cena mais do que as românticas ou engraçadas, talvez seja porque eu já era um pouco fashionista.

Cher had the life all young girls wanted; she was pretty, had great friends, lived in a mansion, and had all the clothes she wanted (and a pom pom pen)! And the clothes were not just simple clothes. Clueless had a huge impact on fashion! Mona may was the costume designer of clueless, and she had the task of injecting some girly style back to a time when grunge was the trend. She did a great job!  The movie is recognized by it’s fashion relevance, and it served as inspiration for everyone, from high-end designer Miu Miu in their Fall 2010 collection, to Iggy Azalea in the music video Fancy.

A Cher tinha uma vida que todas as meninas queriam: ela era bonita ,tinha vários amigos, morava em uma mansão em Beverly Hills, e tinha todas as roupas que ela queria! (além de uma caneta de pom pom). E as roupas não eram apenas roupas simples. "AS patricinhas de Beverly Hills" teve um enorme impacto na moda! Mona May foi a figurinista responsál, e ela tinha a tarefa de injetar de volta um estilo mais feminino, em uma época na qual o grunge era tendência. Ela fez um excelente trabalho! O filme é reconhecido pela sua relevância para moda, e serviu de inspiração para muitos, desde high-end designer Miu Miu em sua coleção de Outono/Inverno 2010, até Iggy Azalea no clip fancy.

I recently visited Beverly Hills and wrote this post wearing a Clueless inspired outfit, with more black and grey colors because we are in 2015. But for me, knee high socks and mini skirts will always be a Cheer Horowitz look, and I will never get sick of them! Viva Clueless!

Eu recentemente visitei Beverly Hills e escrevi esse post vestindo uma roupa inspirada no filme, porém com cores mais escuras porque estamos em 2015. Mas para mim, um look com meias 3/4 e mini-saias lembrarão sempre da Cher Horowitz, e eu nunca vou enjoar deles! Viva à Cher!

Shop Clueless inspired items: 

What I Want From NYFW Fall/Winter 2015

I constantly have the feeling that time is passing by faster than it used to. I remember when I was little and had to wait an eternity for my birthday. Now I feel like the year goes by faster than I can realize. And Fashion Week gives me that wake-up call: Hello Raquel, it's Fashion Week again, time for new trends!

This faster pace scares me in a way, but it's what keeps me on my toes. I love how fashion is always changing, even if it's simply bringing back a trend from the past decades. It gives our closets a new perspective. I have selected some outfits and trends that caught my attention, and inspired me for fall/winter 2015.

Eu sempre tenho a sensação de que o tempo está passando mais rápido do que costumava passar. Eu Lembro de quando eu era pequena e tinha que esperar uma eternidade para o meu aniversário. Hoje em dia, parece que o ano passa mais rápido do que eu percebo. E a Fashion Week é o que me dá uma despertada: Hello Raquel, é semana de moda de novo, hora de novas tendências!

Esse ritmo mais rápido me assusta de certa forma, mas é o que me mantém empolgada. Eu amo como moda está sempre mudando, mesmo que seja simplesmente trazendo de volta uma tendência das últimas décadas. Isso dá aos nossos armários uma nova perspectiva. Eu selecionei algumas roupas e tendências que me chamou atenção, e me inspirou para o outono/inverno de 2015.

Prabal Gurung / Tommy Hilfiger / Tory Burch

Anna Sui / Denis Basso / Monique Lhuillier

Anna Sui / Lacoste / Michael Kors

Boss Womens / Anna Sui / Francesca Liberato

Colors, colors and colors! Yes, I agree that bright colors match better with spring and summer, and I love wearing lots of black and grey in the winter. However, I love this intense and dark red, purple, green and blue. Great way to escape the gloomy feeling of the season.

Cores , cores ,e cores! Sim, eu concordo que as cores brilhantes combinam melhor com a primavera e verão, e eu adoro vestir bastante preto e cinza no inverno. No entanto, eu amo esses escuros e intensos vermelhos, roxos, verdes e azuis. Ótima maneira de escapar do sentimento sombrio da temporada.

Michael Kors / Ranfan / Libertine / Prabal Gurung

Shoulders per-FUR-ct! I love how these designers applied fur to the shoulder area of these coats. It makes our upper bodies look longer and narrower, and our posture seems more straighter as is we were stronger. It also probably feels cozy and warm in our necks. Heart-eyes emoji!

Another example that has the same effect is the turtle neck, which were seen more than couple times on the runway this season. 

Ombros per-FUR-ct! Eu adoro a forma como esses designers aplicaram fur na região dos ombros desses casacos. Isso faz a parte superior do nosso corpo parecer mais longa e estreita, e nossa postura parece mais reta, deixando a impressao de que somos mais fortes. Acredito também que seja super confortável na parte do pescoço. Heart eyes emoji!

Outro exemplo que tem o mesmo efeito é o casaco de gola alta, que foi visto varias vezes na passarela essa temporada.

DKNY / BCBGMAXAZRIA / Diesel Black Gold

J. Crew / Parkchoonmoo / Vivienne Hu

Now, take a look at few things that I put my eyes on and that I so want right now! Give to meee:

Agora, dê uma olhada em algumas coisas que eu coloquei meus olhos e que eu querooo agoraaa! Me daaa:

Winter is my least favorite season, but I swear I would complain less about it if I owned one of these coats by Taoray Wang. I am beyond obsessed! 

O inverno é a minha estação menos favorita, mas eu juro que eu iria reclamar menos se eu tivesse qualquer um desses casacos da Taoray Wang. Estou além de obcecada!

I so want to wear this sweater! I can picture myself meeting up with my friends and seeing their astonished face staring at this Hello Lovely sweater by Libertine, plus the phone clutch of course! 

Eu quero tanto esse casaco! Eu consigo me ver encontrando meus amigos e vendo a cara deles de apaixonados olhando para esse casaco Hello Lovely da Libertine, juntamente com a clutch de telefone é claro!

As seen here and here, I love ponchos, big scarves, capes, blankets, or whatever makes me look cute, comfortable, and warm. The colors on this poncho by Mara Hoffman are matched harmonically. 

Como visto aqui e aqui, eu adoro ponchos, cachecois, capas, cobertores, ou coisa que fique bonito, confortável e aconchegante. As cores nesse poncho da Mara Hoffman estao combinando harmonicamente.

This dress by Francesca Liberato is so cute! I love the abstract prints and the longer length in the back.

Esse vestido da Francesca Liberato é tão lindo! Eu amo as estampas abstratas e o comprimento mais longo na parte de trás.

The shoes on Herve Leger by Max Azria were to die for. Jennifer Lopez wore a similar one on American Idol and I've been in love with it since I saw it on her.

Os sapatos no show de Herve Leger por Max Azria estavam lindos de morrer. A Jennifer Lopez usou um similar no American Idol e eu estou apaixonada por esse estilo de gladiadora desde que eu ela usando.

YES Donna Karan! I adore this look! I haven't seen anything this season that speaks to me as women power like this outfit does. It reminds me of a warrior a la "the three musketeers", but way more feminine thanks to the belt, the cleavage, and the heels. If I was wearing this outfit right now I would feel capable of anything.

YES Donna Karan ! Eu adoro esse look! Eu não vi nada nessa temporada que fala comigo como o poder das mulheres como esse look fez. Ele me lembra um guerreiro a la "Os Três Mosqueteiros", mas de uma forma mais feminina graças ao cinto, o decote, e o salto. Se eu estivesse usando essa roupa agora eu me sentiria capaz de qualquer coisa .

Denim is never out trended, but there is always room for more innovations. Lupe Gajardo did an amazing job with these pants and skirt.   

Jeans nunca ta fora de moda. Porem, há sempre espaço para mais inovações. Lupe Gajardo fez um trabalho incrível com essa calça e saia.

Am I the only one who thinks this bag, and the way to hold it looks fabulous? Too much to handle!

Eu sou a única que acha essa bolsa e a forma de segurá-la fabulos? Achei demais!

And lastly, I could wear any piece from Michael Kors' show. Love the camel and dark green colors, the furs, and the tomboyish touch. I could happily live the entire Fall and Winter 2015 just wearing Michael Kors! Oh dreams!

Stay inspired! xo 

E por último, eu vestiria qualquer peça do show do Michael Kors. Amei as cores caramelo e verde musgo, as aplicacoes de pele, e a pegada boyfriend em algumas pecas. Eu poderia viver feliz o Outono e Inverno 2015 inteiro apenas vestindo Michael Kors! Oh sonhos!

Continuem inspirados! xo

Photography Source: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Website.


I have always been a big fan of Calvin Klein, especially his iconic underwear line.

Eu sempre fui fa da Calvin Klein, principalmente da lingerie que e icone.

Inspired by #mycalvins campaign, I collaborated with Lindsey Thoeng to create and style my own shoot.

Inspirada na galeria #mycalvins, fiz uma colaboracao com a Lindsey Thoeng para criar esse look pro meu proprio ensaio.

Knotty Gal Jewelry

Tequila Sunrise

The necklaces you are seeing in these pictures are not just ordinary necklaces. They are created by a daughter and mother, both named Nur-E. Together they design the pieces, and after carefully selecting cords and metals, Nur-E mom's talented hands create one-of-a-kind statement jewelry. 

My favorite is the Tequila Sunrise. The design of it is incredibly impressive, and the bright colors of it can turn a simple black outfit into a ready-to-party one!

Os colares que você está vendo nessas fotos não são apenas colares comuns. Eles são criados por uma filha e mãe, ambas chamadas Nur -E. Juntos, elas desenham as peças, e depois de selecionar cuidadosamente os fios e metais, as mãos talentosas de Nur -E (mãe) criam as peças.

Meu favorito é o Tequila Sunrise. O design dele é incrivelmente impressionante, e as cores brilhantes transformam um look simples todo preto, em um look pronto para festa!

When you buy a Knotty Gal piece you will be not only purchasing great necklaces or bracelets, but also helping to educate girls in Bangladesh. Knotty Gal donates a portion of their proceeds to a girl's school in Bangladesh, which was founded by Nur-E's grandfather.

To see the entire collection go to  Knotty Gal's website.

Quando você compra uma peça da Knotty Gal, você não estará fazendo apenas a compra de otimos colares ou pulseiras, mas também ajudando a educar meninas em Bangladesh. Knotty Gal doa uma parcela de seus rendimentos para uma escola de meninas em Bangladesh, que foi fundada pelo avô de Nur -E.

Para ver a coleção inteira: Knotty Gals website.


Photography by: Lindsey Thoeng