Get Your Coach Boots or Coat on Sale Now (Up to 50% Off)

I have said a million times that I hate winter. I absolutely love living in NYC, but this time of the year becomes really tough for me.

Luckily, Coach launched a gorgeous winter collection which I have been obsessed for the past few months, and guess what? It’s finally on sale!

I think it’s a great time to buy some nice coats and boots (if you haven’t done yet), not only because of the sale price, but also because the winter has just started. Plus, they will be definitely a great investment for next winter. These piece above are are my favorites. I believe they can easily elevate your winter look and still keep you warm.

1. ZIP moto boot

2. SHEEPSKIN moto vest

3. BIKER sheepskin coat

4.SHEARLING peacoat

5. MOTO boot

6. EMBELLISHED racer jacket

7. BOYS biker jacket

8. CURLY shearling coat

9. KENNA bootie

10. SHEEPSKIN sleeve jacket

11. URBAN hiker shearling

12. BIKER sheepskin vest

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC