Why I quit fast fashion

For the last four years, I have been working on this blog and on my Instagram sharing different outfits inspiration. I have always loved putting looks together and when I moved from Brazil to NYC I decided to create this blog as an outlet to my creativity and personal style inspiration.

Before the #ootd hashtag was a thing, I remember being a young teenager putting outfits together in my head whenever I was bored. So when I moved to the US and was able to afford to buy clothes because they were insanely cheaper here I started photographing them and sharing on the internet.

I remember the first time I went to the Forever 21 store in Times Square. Now, after being a “New Yorker” for almost six years I cringe anytime I hear the words Times Square, but back then that place felt like an amusement park for me. Each new floor (there are four in total) reveled more beautiful and trendy clothes and I could not believe the numbers I saw on the price tag. Everything so cheap! I thought that was happiness.

 I remember after that hearing about the negative impacts of fast fashion on the environment and the mistreatment of garment workers, but I was so caught up in the “amazing life” in which I could afford clothes that it made me shut my eyes to the awful reality behind the stores where I was shopping from.

Last year my life completely changed. I was recovering from a heartbreak that not only broke my heart but also the life that I had planned and dreamed of. It made me put everything in perspective and think critically about the things that I value in my life. I also had to move out of the place I was living and I was shocked by the number of clothes I owned. Moving out was so hard for me emotionally and the insane amount of clothes I had made it more difficult. I felt heavy, like if I was stuck in that place with those clothes.

 Going through the clothes I realized how little sentiment I had for them and how those cheap clothes were either looking bad because of their poor quality or outdated because they were a trendy piece. When I arrived at my new temporary place (thank God for friends) I packed 60% of my clothes in bags and donated them right away. At the time I just wanted to feel lighter and free to move to wherever I wanted.

Then I watched the “True Cost” documentary and that was when everything really changed for me. I realized how the environmental and social issues attached to the fashion industry is much worse than I thought. Since then I have not been able to shop at fast fashion stores anymore.

 It was almost like my heart was breaking again. I realized that I was living a life so surrounded around looking good that I didn’t care about how my clothes were made and who made them. The cheap $10 that I was paying for a top was an investment in a company that is exploiting their workers, polluting our planet, killing ecosystems while their CEOs become billionaires. All I wanted to do was to quit working in the industry. Quit what I was doing.

 However, we can’t just take the number one sustainable option which is being naked (source: Reformation) to live or lives. No matter what, we need clothes. So I decided that instead of trying to quit fashion I was still going to follow my passion but do it in a different way. Call it ethical, conscious, sustainable, green, or whatever you want to call. I am now aware of the impact of my consumerism in our nature and people and want to take a different route. I am still going to look good, create my outfits, share them with you, but now in a way that is less harmful to our earth. I am still learning, but I am so excited for this new chapter. I think together we can build an industry that creates fashion without hurting the environment and create decent working opportunities for people.

 “If the fashion industry has the power to influence trends, then it also has the power to play a positive role in protecting the planet.” 


back in the hamptons

In collaboration with Macy's!

This summer has been non-stop for me. The other day, I was counting and I took twelve flights in the last thirty days. I am so ready to slow down and enjoy the last few weeks of summer vacation in the Hamptons.  

One of the things that I love about being in a beach town is that you don’t need to dress up too much, which makes the time here even more relaxing. My first night here I went for dinner wearing these cute Tommy Hilfiger jeans and striped top plus a red lip for an extra sauce. Simple, but on point.  Shop this style from Macy's Tommy Hilfiger Sportswear collection!

Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Tommy Hilfiger 

Easy Summer Afternoon

*This post is in collaboration with Macy's

I feel like life is much lighter and easier during summer time. I have been waking up happy and excited every day since the weather has gotten better, and every time I step out of my house I feel the same energy in the people around me. I see people smiling, sitting outside enjoying rose, and the streets just look happier in general.

Summer is also much easier and versatile when comes to outfits. It’s much easier not having to wear many layers of clothes, and be able to wear other shoes besides boots. These pointed-toe pumps are by Clarks and I got them at Macy’s. They look super cute with shorts, skirts, and dresses (or jumpsuits). Pointed-toes do the trick of making legs to look longer and that’s why I like to wear them with short bottoms. Macys also have many other cute styles from Clarks that are great for summer. 

During summer I also love getting fresh flowers to bring some of the summer feeling inside my house, and what better flower to represent summer than sunflower? I got these at the deli near my house before leaving to meet friends for dinner outside at my favorite restaurant.

Praying for summer to go by slowly #macysshoes

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Shoes: Clarks
Jumpsuit: Heartloom
Belt Bag: Guess

sun's out, shoulders out

*This post is in collaboration with Macy's

One of the trends that I can’t get enough is off-the-shoulder. Thanks to boxing I am happy with my upper body and I think that when I wear off-the-shoulder pieces it makes my collarbone and chest look nicer and leaner. This cute jumpsuit is from Macy's and it is so comfortable for the summer. It is also a super versatile piece since I can create so many looks with it. I can easily dress it up pairing it with heels, but I can also style it as a chill outfit if I wear sneakers, or a more summer look with flat sandals. I also think that off-the-shoulder gives you the freedom to experience with bolder jewelry, like the red tassel earrings that I am wearing. I have so many ideas of how I can style this jumpsuit and I will probably be wearing it all the time this summer. #Macys1STATE

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earrings (similar)


*This post is in collaboration with Macy's 

golden jacket

Taking advantage of the weather today to wear my new vegan jacket from Lysse. I’ve always thought metallic jackets were cool and I was happy to collaborate with Lysse to create this look styling it. You will probably see me wearing it a lot when spring comes #cantwait. I also really wanted this yellow cabbyhat since I saw it last year at Urban Outfitter and I just got it on sale for $20 instead of $40 so I’m happy I waited to buy it (unfortunately it's already sold out). Lastly, my white and golden sneakers are from Shoes of Prey, which is one of my favorite places to buy shoes because they let you customize them. I designed this one myself and I love how it turned out.

jacket: lysse
hat: brixton
shoes: shoes of prey

mint fur

Since I got back to NYC I have been looking for a fun colored fur and finally found this one at topshop, YAY! I wore it during NYFW with my new Tobi jeans and white boots from shoes of prey, which I designed myself - #condragulations for me!
NYFW was ok this season. It has been a hard adjustment to be back in NY and I decided to not go crazy and just do a few shows and events, instead of trying to fit everything in and feel overwhelmed most of the time.

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Back to NYC

I’m back bisheees!

Actually I am not that excited to be back. It was very hard to leave Brazil this time. My heart was so warm and happy surrounded by my family and friends, and it was hard to leave all of that behind and get back to my busy schedule and freezing winter. This is my last semester at the community college so I had to come back to finish it. After that I actually don’t know where life is going to take me. I honestly can’t decide what is my strongest feeling about NY: love or hate lol.
Complains aside, there are also the positive side of being back to NY like my friends here, my favorite restaurants, and the days when the weather is not that bad and I can wear a light jacket. Can’t wait for spring and warmer and brighter days.

shoes: shoes of prey
bag: mellie bianco

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photo: N3

Just like my previous post, these photos were taken at Iporanga beach. Iporanga is located inside a private condominium and if you don’t live there the only way to access the beach is to get there early in the morning. The privacy and tranquility of this private beach makes it easy to take photos. I was already tan by the time I took these photos and I love how the yellow brightens up with my skin. I’m also obsessed with stacked golden necklaces. I honestly have more than ten of them right now. Need to stop buying them! #pleasehelpme Haha


photo: N3

It feels so good to be in Brazil again. When I moved to the USA I spent five years without going home and Christmas and New year didn’t have the same meaning for me. Being surrounded by my family and friends during the holidays was priceless.
These pictures were taken at Iporanga beach -  a private beach in the island where I grew up. I used to not go much to this beach when I lived in Brazil but now it has become one of my favorites. Being here makes me feel connected o myself again.

swimsuit: sunshine state swimwear

Not ready for fall

Jumpsuit: GCGme | Shoes: (similar) | Earrings: (similar)

Apple Picking with Koolaburra

Last Friday, I was invited by Koolaburra to join other influencers and editors in a day at the Penning’s Farm in Upstate NY. We had a blast apple picking and trying their variety of ciders while wearing the cutest Koolaburra boots. Fall has officially began!

Boots: Koolabura by UGG | Jeans: H&M | Top: Light in the box | Sunglasses: Ray ban


T-shirt: Urban Outfitters | Skirt: Asos | Sneakers: Converse 

Look What You Made Me Do

Photo: Lindsey Thoeng

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Customizing my own boots

Who doesn't love amazing shoes for a good price? And what if you can actually customize them and create your own unique design? I honestly, have never been so excited to talk about a shoe brand like I am right now. Shoes of Prey let me design my shoes, which was such a fun experience, and I was so impressed with the quality of my boots when I received them. If you look at their website, you can have an idea of the creation process and all variety of combinations that you can use. I also uploaded a quick video at the end of this post showing a time lapse of when I created mine.

I was decided to design a pair of killer white boots, but then I realized I could make a black and white one which would be more unique, so I went for it! I was so anxious to get my shoes and once they arrived I was so happy! First off all, I am one of those people who loves presentation, and their package was on point. Then the shoes were impeccably beautiful! I wore it right away, and got stopped when I was in Soho by a girl who wanted to know where my boots where from.

I will, for sure, be wearing them a lot this fall, and I can’t wait to design another pair!

Boots: Shoes of Prey | Skirt: SuperDry | Top: StyleWe | Sunglasses: YSL | Backpack: Marc Jacobs

White Mesh

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Velvet Overall in Chinatown

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | T-shirt: H&M | Shoes: Shultz 

Getting ready for Fall

Don't t get me wrong, I love summer and if I could, I would prolong it as much as possible. But soon Fall will be here and that is unavoidable. So I accepted the invitation from Century 21 to put together a look using some of the store's fall pieces.

One type of accessory that I want to use a lot next season is a neck scarf. At Century 21 they have many styles one more beautiful than the other. This one I'm using is from Vince Camuto but they also have some from Moschino that I really want to go back to the store to get.

And then, I also chose this shirt because I liked the mix of having long sleeves with and the shoulders out. Perfect idea for this period of seasons changing.

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I love when I’m having an easy morning and I’m able to meet Lindsey for lunch around her work. Our schedules are so different that we don’t get to spend as much time together as we wish, so whenever we have a chance to squeeze in a little QT for ourselves we do it.

Now during the summer, one of our favorite things to do is to bike around the city. Lindsey just upgraded her bike to a Vanmoof, which is the dopest electrified and smart bike ever created, and on the day we took these photos we were riding it near the UN building in Midtown east.

I was wearing my new favorite high waisted black jeans from Mott & Bow, which are so comfortable that I can even bike wearing them, I got my bodysuit at Zara during a sale and I wear it all the time (I listed a few similar down below), my rockstar sunnies from Yves Saint Laurent, and my new watch that goes with me EVERYWHERE since I got it a few weeks ago. It is part of the Swatch’s new Skin collection in which all the models are super thin. That makes the watches pretty light and flexible, so you can wear it all the time doing any kind of activity. I wear mine when I go to work, meet my friends, go shopping, and biking (duh!).

As I am writing this post I realized how summer it’s going by so fast and soon I won’t be able to enjoy biking anymore [insert crying emoji here]. So I better start enjoying it as much as I can. What about you? What kind of activity is making you happy this summer?

Watch: Swatch | Jeans: Mott & Bow | Sunglasses: YSL