Customizing my own boots

Who doesn't love amazing shoes for a good price? And what if you can actually customize them and create your own unique design? I honestly, have never been so excited to talk about a shoe brand like I am right now. Shoes of Prey let me design my shoes, which was such a fun experience, and I was so impressed with the quality of my boots when I received them. If you look at their website, you can have an idea of the creation process and all variety of combinations that you can use. I also uploaded a quick video at the end of this post showing a time lapse of when I created mine.

I was decided to design a pair of killer white boots, but then I realized I could make a black and white one which would be more unique, so I went for it! I was so anxious to get my shoes and once they arrived I was so happy! First off all, I am one of those people who loves presentation, and their package was on point. Then the shoes were impeccably beautiful! I wore it right away, and got stopped when I was in Soho by a girl who wanted to know where my boots where from.

I will, for sure, be wearing them a lot this fall, and I can’t wait to design another pair!

Boots: Shoes of Prey | Skirt: SuperDry | Top: StyleWe | Sunglasses: YSL | Backpack: Marc Jacobs

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC