Hollywood's Best Hike

I arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. I was super excited to finally get to know “The Golden State”, where the winter isn’t as extremely cold as in NYC. The weather didn’t disappoint me: As soon as I stepped out of LAX, rays of the shining sun hit my skin, and I immediately felt like it was summer again.

In the next morning, we were ready to enjoy some time outside, so we went on a hike that leads to the area behind the Hollywood sign. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the top, and the entire path was very enjoyable. The walking up was not too steep, the weather was deliciously warm, and after every turn, a new magnificent view was revealed. I could not stop thinking how blessed I am for having the chance to see from close what I always saw on the screens.

To make the day even more exciting, I bumped into Brazilian beauty blogger Camila Coelho on my way to the hike. She is even more lovely in person, and it was nice to see her shooting for a Riachuelo (Brazilian fashion store) campaign here in California.

You will get to see many more beautiful Cali locations in the next posts, so stay tuned! Xo

Sunglasses: Kaibosh

Plaid Shirt: / Camisa xadrez: Uniqlo

Leggings: Forever 21

Black tank top: / Blusa preta: Forever 21

Photography by: Lindsey Thoeng

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