DSTLD Jeans: The Perfect Fit For Me

I have no doubt that the type of clothing I wear most are jeans. I wear them almost every day to go to school, work, meetings, grocery shopping, dinners, and even to go party. And because of that, I need jeans that can give me movement and DSTLD jeans have the perfect fit for me. They are amazingly comfortable! 

Sometimes it's hard for me with jeans because they slide down my hips, and I have to keep pulling them back up. This doesn't happen with these jeans because the quality of its material is really great. I feel like these pants are hugging me, and I don't need to worry about showing a little bit of underwear or tush when I bend down (haha). 

Another reason why I love these jeans is the price. DSLTD designs and delivers premium denim for less than $100. Their jeans are in fact manufactured in the same facility as the top denim brands, but since they are sold only online they don't have to work with third party retailers, reducing the price for us! Thanks DSTLD!

And of course I also wear them because they are super cute! I love the charcoal color of the one I am wearing! Because I wear jeans all the time I need to be creative to not look the same every day. 

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC