Hair Detox

The ends of my hair have always bothered me. I have dry ends, and that makes my hair to look unhealthy. Taking care of this problem is not easy because I have oily scalp, so I cannot use products for dry hair. I have been applying some oils to the end of my hair after washing it, and that has helped me a lot. But now I decided to try the DESSANGE PARIS Purifying Clay Balancing Pre-Shampoo Mask and the DESSANGE PARIS Purifying Clay Balancing Shampoo, and I am here to share my experience.

The pre-shampoo mask was created to deeply purify the scalp, and to reduce excess oil production. The mineral green clay is the ingredient responsible to absorb sebum and eliminate toxins. When I tried the product I followed the instructions, which said to apply the clay before washing my hair. I was a bit surprised that the clay is really green, and the texture and smell are exactly like clay. It was not super easy to apply throughout my entire roots, because I have such long hair. Before applying the product, I read some reviews saying that it is a bit difficult to rinse the clay off of the hair, so I decided to not go crazy and to not exaggerate in the amount of product to put on my hair. Because of that, I didn’t have any difficult washing the clay off.

After rinsing the clay off of my hair I used the balancing Shampoo, which uses b5 to minimize oily roots, repair the length of the hair, and make it softer. When I applied the shampoo on my hair, I was very pleased to see how foamy it was, because it makes me think my hair is getting very cleaned. The smell of the shampoo is good, it has a vanilla scent. After I washed the shampoo off of my hair I could feel my hair very clean, just like when I use a deep cleaning shampoo at the hair saloon. Then I used my favorite mask, which I am going to post about it here on my blog in the near future because it is really great. When I was done with the whole process, I dried my hair, and when I ran my hands through it I could feel a nice smoothness from the roots to the ends of my hair. I could really notice the difference because the hair close to my roots was loser, and with more movement than usual. 

I am definitely going to keep using this deep cleaning treatment once a week or so, whenever I do my deep conditioning mask. I believe the mask works better on a clean hair, and I really value that extra care to my locks.

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC