Natural and Vegan Hair Care Products

We have been hearing more and more about the importance of knowing the ingredients that are in our beauty products. I have been doing highlights, Brazilian keratin treatments, and using silicone formulated products for the past ten years. My hair always looked good but in the the last couple of years it started to look less alive. After some research, I learned that the way that I was treating my hair was causing fast results but not actually providing my hair with the hydration and nutrition that it needs. The keratin treatment and the silicone made my hair look beautiful on the outside but over time they prevent moisture from penetrating the hair.

 I decided to stop doing the chemical treatments for a while and change my hair routine, I am basically doing a hair detox. After reading about the real effects of sulfate, parabens, silicone, and other chemicals, I wanted to buy shampoo and conditioner that are as natural as possible.

 So I tried a few different brands of natural shampoos and conditioners (they are also vegan) and here is my review on them:


Prose shampoo and conditioner are actually customized to each person. First thing you do when shopping their products is a consultation to see what hair type you have so they can formulate the best option for you. They ask questions like age, previous hair treatments, and location so they can understand what your hair needs are. Their website is super easy to navigate and they do a very good job explaining the unique blend of ingredients for each person. My hair is super soft when I wash it with Prose products and it has helped me with a light dandruff problem. By creating each product individually, they reduce their waste which is great for the environment.

Prose Shampoo and Conditioner (10% off)

I am a big fan of Rahua not only because of this amazing shampoo and conditioner set but all of their products. Rahua’s main ingredient is the Rahua oil which comes from the Amazon rainforest and has been used for many years by the indigenous women with long and lustrous hair. The highly concentrated oil deeply penetrates and nurture for healthier-looking hair. This is the best option for people like me that have used chemicals for a long time and need to detox and bring the hair back to life. Another plus is the fact that the Rahua brand maintains a ritualistic and sustainable process producing their products and they also make efforts to preserve the rainforest.

Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner


I have been using the Shampure dry shampoo for a while and I was already obsessed with the scent which is something I can’t explain. It is the best smell ever! It has a signature calming aroma with 25 pure flower and plant essences. So delicious! The shampoo also feels very gentle and the conditioner does not leave a buildup. Their formula has Abyssinian which is a natural oil that mimics the performance of traditional silicones without the negative effect. Aveda gives a 10% discount for refills which is a good sustainable practice and they also raise money for clean water initiatives.

Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner

To know more about their sustainable approaches: Prose, Rahua, Aveda.

New Haircut Experience at SFNY

I had such an amazing experience getting my haircut at SFNY that I had to write a post talking more about it.I was introduced to SFNY through a newsletter email and I became curious to try it right away. The salon is a new concept created by the celebrity stylist Scott Yance. He created SFNY with the goal to offer a more private, enjoyable and worthwhile experience. He works only with appointments, and the service is completely exclusive.

Before I went to the salon, I was already impressed by the care of the SFNY’s team when their concierge emailed me asking my food and beverage preferences, and also offering assistance arranging my trip to the salon. When I arrived at the salon, I was warmly welcomed by Scott who is so incredibly nice and attentive! He gave me a little tour at the luxurious workspace, and then he sat with me and we talked about my hair. However, he was also interested in getting to know me and our conversation made me very comfortable, which made me relax and trust him to cut my hair – instead of my usual little nervous.

At the end, I was extremely happy with my haircut and I also left the salon in such a great mood! Not just because my hair looked great, but it was such a chill and fun time hanging out with Scott. I felt like I was with a friend, catching up and having a good time. I definitely recommend SFNY and will be coming back. 

Temptu Lipstick

It took me a while to become a fan of lipsticks. I started using eyeliner basically every day when I was only 13 years old, then got addicted to mascara, foundation, and blush. But lipstick kind sounded a little outdated, and it always made me feel like I was wearing too much makeup. Until the matte lipsticks became a thing a couple years ago. Now I can never leave the house without the last touch on my lips.

This Temptu kit has been my go to since I got it last March. I love how the lipsticks feel creamy but still delivers a natural matte look. The kit comes with 4 beautiful shades and they are basically all I need for every occasion. 

From top to bottom: Rose Velveteen, Blushed Suede, Plush Plum, and Jet Rouge

My favorite color for everyday is the Blushed Suede, and the Plush Plum for when I am in the mood for a more dramatic look. I have to confess that when I put the Jet Rouge (the darkest one) on I absolutely loved it! I felt so feminine and powerful. But I haven't had the chance to use it outside of my house yet. I feel like I need a special occasion for it, which you guys will see for sure on my Instagram soon: I'm planning to wear it on a night out in my upcoming trip to Cuba.

So glad I stopped being boring and started exploring lipstick colors haha, What are your favorite colors and trends for lips? Help out this lipstick newbie girl! 

Shop the Temptu Marsala Lip Collection

Love affair with Moroccanoil

My love affair with Moroccanoil started a long time ago, even before I moved to the USA. And I’ve been here for 5 years already! I remember that when I was coming to live here I was excited about a lot of things, and I have to confess that one of them was the fact that I could easily find Moroccanoil everywhere here. Things has changed since then and I can also easily find them in Brazil now, they are an unanimous obsession among all my friends there.

One of the things that makes me love Moroccanoil is the smell of it. My hair smells SO delicious after washing it with the shampoo and conditioner!

But my truly favorites from Moroccanoil has always been the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Intense Hydrating mask. I use the oil every time I wash my hair. I only need to put one little drop before I dry it and the results are so noticeable: my hair gets a natural glow and a healthier look. And the mask is saving my hair since I got highlights. These two products are a must if you want stronger and beautiful hair.

Lastly but not least, I have recently started to use their dry shampoo for dark hair and it’s so genial! I have used other brands of dry shampoo before and I love them too, but since they were not made for dark hairs they made my hair white because of the powder. Then I have to remove the excess, which can be annoying. So the dry shampoo is definitely going to become a must in my bathroom cabinet as well. And apart from the color, the smell of it it’s delightful (I know I’ve talked about the smell of their products already, but it’s so good I have to say it again haha).

Customize Your Skin Care Routine

Imagine how incredible would be if you could make your favorite moisturizers, foundations, oils, and serums become even better than they are? That's exactly what these Custom Infusion Drops from Cover FX do. They were created to be added to any skin product - water or oil based. They have 4 different vitamins: A+ Jasmine - anti aging, C+Lemongrass - radiance, E+ Chamomile - calming, and F+Neroli - hydration.

So basically, you can turn any beauty product and a super powerful one which will add the vitamins you need for a beautiful and healthy skin. It's like when you go to Juice Generation and add shots & boosts to your smoothie. Besides, Cover FX is a really cool company which is animal cruelty-free and vegan.

Cover FX also has the Custom Cover Drops which is a pigmentation that can be added to your beauty products. They have 25 different shades, and you can add as many drops you want accordingly to the results you are looking for: 1 Drop = Sheer Coverage, 2 Drops = Medium Coverage, 3 Drops = Full Coverage, and 4 Drops = Total Coverage.

I like it because now in the winter I can just add 1 or 2 drops to my Caudalie moisturizer, and some Custom Infusion Drops and create my own customized tinted moisturizer. It's super easy to mix them: "Just place your usual product into the palm of your hand, DROP in Custom Cover Drops, MIX with your fingertips and TRANSFORM into perfect customized coverage". I love how it looks natural on my skin and give a slightly matte touch. 

It reminds me of when I was a kid and mixed my body lotions to create a different smell. But now my product customization actually brings benefits to my skin.

Shop Custom Drops:

Vitamin A+Jasmine - Anti-aging

Vitamin C+ Lemongrass - Radiance

Vitamin E+ Chamomile - Calming

Vitamin F+ Neroli - Hydration

Custom Cover Drops

Caudalie Tinted Moistuteizer

Caudalie Fluide Peau Parfait

The Secret for the Perfect Tan: Best Bronze

People often approach me to ask me about my tan - they are curious to know what my secret is. Today I am here to reveal my secret to you: Best Bronze.

Muitas vezes as pessoas se aproximam de mim para me perguntar sobre meu bronzeado. Pessoas que estão curiosas para saber qual é o meu segredo. Hoje eu estou aqui para revelar o meu segredo para você! E a chave para um bronzeado impecável é: Best Bronze.

Best Bronze is a brand from Brazil, and now they are available in the USA. Their bronzing arsenal consists not only of a fantastic tanning spray but a variety of products, including pre and post treatments specially formulated to create a gorgeous and long lasting tan.  

"Best Bronze takes great pride to be one of the top beauty tricks Brazilian women keep under lock and key to look always beautiful and healthy. Chosen by Glamour Brazil as Brazil’s top self-tanner, the brand has been making woman look gorgeous for over 10 years".

Best Bronze é uma marca brasileira, mas agora eles estão disponíveis nos EUA! Seu arsenal de bronzeadores consiste não só em um spray fantástico, mas em uma variedade de produtos, incluindo pré e pós tratamentos especialmente formulados para criar um bronzeado lindo e de longa duração. 

"Best Bronze tem grande orgulho de ser um dos top truques de beleza que as brasileiras mantêm a sete chaves para ficarem sempre bonitas e saudáveis. Escolhido pela Glamour Brasil como top autobronzeador, a marca tem feito mulheres bonitas por mais de 10 anos ". 

I am sharing this secret with you now, so you have plenty of time to order your kit, and have an amazing sun-kissed skin this summer! Enjoy! xx


Shop Best Bronze products

Anastasia Brow Kit

Maybe you don't give your eyebrows much attention, but they are so important defining your face! Their shape, and size can give your eyes a lift, and your face a skinnier impression.

My eyebrows are short. They don't go all the way to the end of my eye, where they are ideally supposed to end. They are also not as bold as I wish they were and I used to be not satisfied with them. Until the day I found this kit from Anastasia on sale at Sephora. The pencil blends very well with the color of my eyebrows, and makes it look very natural. The brow gel holds my tiny hairs in place, and prolongs the effect of the pencil. Since I bought them, they have become my everyday makeup must item.

Talvez você não de muita atenção para suas sobrancelhas, mas elas são muito importantes para definir o seu rosto! Seu formato e tamanho pode elevar seus olhar, e fazer seu rosto parecer mais fino.

Minhas sobrancelhas são curtas. Elas não terminam no final do meu olho onde idealmente deveriam terminar. Elas também não são escuras omo eu gostaria que fossem, e eu costumava ser insatisfeita com elas. Até o dia em que encontrei esse kit à venda na Sephora. O lápis de sobrancelha combina muito bem com a cor da minha sobrancelha, portanto parece bem natural. E o gel mantem os pelos no lugar, e prolonga o efeito do lápis. Desde que eu comprei esse kit ele se tornou item obrigatorio na minha maquiagem de todos os dias.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Matte is the New Black

Summer is long gone in New York. With the cold weather come dark colors in our outfits. But not only in our outfits.

The pastel colors and white nail polish, which were big trends last spring and summer, are now back to the bathroom cabinet. Now is time for dark reds, purples, and of course: black.

This week I'm wearing Manglaze's matte black. I think is a great option for everyone who likes black but wants to try something a bit different and more edgy. I did my nails myself and I am not the best at it, but this nail polish has a good consistency and I made less mess than usual haha. I definitely recommend it as a fall/winter option.

Stay Inspired! xo

O verão se foi em Nova York. E com o tempo frio vem roupas mais escuras nos nossos looks. Poem não só em nas roupas.

Os esmaltes de cores pastel e branco, que foram grandes tendências na última primavera e verão, estão agora de volta para o armário do banheiro. A hora agora é de vermelhos escuros, roxos, e é claro: preto.

Essa semana eu estou usando esse preto fosco da Manglaze. Eu acho que é uma ótima opção para quem gosta de preto, mas quer tentar algo um pouco diferente e mais ousado. Eu mesma fiz minhas unhas e eu não mando bem na manicure, mas esse esmalte tem uma boa consistência e fiz menos bagunça do que o normal haha. Eu definitivamente recomendo.

Continue inspirada! xo

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit

Today my beauty review is about these little cuties that are part of my daily makeup arsenal. I go to school everyday in the morning, and then to work in the afternoon. Unfortunately I don't always get the chance to re-apply or even retouch my makeup throughout the day, so I need a makeup that is durable. My skin was more oily during my teen years, and since I moved from Brazil to US it has gotten better. I don't really know why - it could be the weather, the water, the products from here and so on. However, I still get that shiny forehead (sometimes chin and nose), so in order to avoid that, I need a good powder. A few months ago I decided to get this Get Started kit from Bare Minerals, mostly because I wanted to try the powder, and the kit sounded like a great deal. And I can gladly say it exceeds my expectations! The kit is composed of a Matte which I apply right after applying my bb cream, and then the second is a powder foundation, and lastly the mineral powder. All together they give me great coverage, without having that heavy fake look. Plus the fact that they are powder instead of liquid, prevents me from having that "I put my makeup on in the morning and now 8pm is all ruined" look. I guess it penetrates very well in my skin, because by the end of the day it still looks amazing. Lastly my favorite thing about this is the quality of the Bare Minerals products. I'm very happy to know that I'm using something good on my face that won't affect my skin in a bad way. Totally recommend this! Xo! 

Hoje  minha beauty review vai ser sobre esses três fofinhos que fazem parte do meu arsenal de maquiagem diária. Eu vou para a faculdade todos os dias de manhã, e em seguida trabalho a tarde toda. Infelizmente eu não costumo ter a chance de reaplicar ou até mesmo retocar a maquiagem ao longo do dia. Por isso eu preciso de uma maquiagem que seja duradoura. Minha pele era mais oleosa durante a minha adolescência, e desde que me mudei do Brasil para EUA ela só ficou melhor. Eu realmente não sei por que, pode ser por causa do clima, da água, ou os produtos maravilhosos daqui. No entanto, eu ainda fico com aquele brilho na testa (às vezes no queixo e nariz). Para evitar esse brilho indesejado, eu preciso de um bom pó. Alguns meses atrás eu comprei esse Get Started kit da Bare Minerals, principalmente porque eu queria experimentar o pó, e o kit soou como um bom negócio por causa do valor. Aqui está o resultado: é muito melhor do que eu esperava! O kit é composto por um Matte que eu aplico logo após a aplicar meu bb cream. Em seguida, passo a base em pó, e por último o pó mineral. Todos eles juntos me dao uma boa cobertura, mas sem ficar super falso. O fato de que eles são em pó em vez de líquido, me impede de ficar com aquela cara: "Eu coloquei minha maquiagem de manhã e agora 20:00 ta tudo arruinado". Eu acho que eles penetram bem na minha pele, porque no final do dia ainda esta incrível. Por fim o meu favorito é a qualidade dos produtos da Bare Minerals. Me deixa muito feliz de saber que eu estou usando algo de boa qualidade nomeu rosto que não vai afetar a minha pele de uma maneira ruim. Totalmente recomendo! Xo!

Buy the Get Started Kit here / Compre o kit aqui

Super Mascara Natura

This is my favorite Mascara right now! My friends from Brazil were visiting me few months ago, and they brought me this great mascara. Natura is a Brazilian beauty products brand which I always loved, but this mascara has a special place in my heart. It gives your lashes massive volume, incredible curl and unbelievable length. It is waterproof and has an amazing brush that offers an easy application 

Esse é o meu rímel favorito do momento! Meus amigos do Brasil vieram me visitar há alguns meses atras e trouxeram esse maravilhoso rímel. Ele tem um lugar especial no meu coração. Ele aumenta o volume dos cílios, e deixa com inacreditável comprimento. É à prova d'água e tem um pincel otimo que oferece uma fácil aplicação.

Love it!

My favorite BB cream

Beauty Balm became a must in most women makeup bag. They are great because they don't only cover as a foundation, but they also protect your skin from the damages caused by the sun, and they also do a moisturizer job. Doesn't it sound as a beauty formula for great looking skin? I hated the time when I had to wear sunscreen (and smell like the beach), plus moisturizer, plus foundation, and still not get a good result.

I have been using BB cream on a daily basis for over two years, and I love to try new products. My current BB cream is by Peter Thomas Roth, which is actually known as a clinical skin care, but also makes makeup. I have to be honest that I only bought it because it was on sale at Sephora. I needed a new BB cream and I was searching for one for a while when I saw them on sale. From 48$ to 16.80$ what a deal! I had to buy it!

Now, after two months using it, I had to write a review here about it. It is great, my favorite BB so far. My face looks flawless but not fake when I have it on, and after the first week using it, I noticed my skin more healthy and with a beautiful natural glow. It works greatly I totally give my thumbs up!

The only bad part about it is that they are not on sale anymore :( But they are definitely worth the price! (link to buy it at the end of the post.)

O Beauty Balm se tornou um must na necessaire de muitas mulheres. Eles são otimos porque eles não apenas fazem um papel de base, mas também protegem a pele dos danos causados elo sol, E eles ainda hidratam a pele. Não soa como uma fórmula de beleza para ter uma pele maravilhosa? Eu odiava a epoca na qual eu tinha que usar protetor solar (e ficar com cheiro de praia), MAIS  hidratante, MAIS base, e ainda assim não conseguir um bom resultado.
Comecei a usar BB cream diariamente faz mais de dois anos, e eu adoro experimentar novos produtos. Meu atual BB é do Peter Thomas Roth, que na verdade é uma marca para cuidados com a pele, mas também tem uma linha de maquiagem. Eu tenho que ser honesta e confessar que eu só comprei porque estava na promocao na Sephora. Eu precisava de um BB novo e eu estava procurando por um quando achei eles na promocao. De 48 dolares por apenas 16,80! Que negócio! Eu tive que comprar!

Agora, depois de dois meses usando ele, eu tive que escrever um post aqui sobre ele. Ele é maravilhoso, o meu BB favorito até agora. Meu rosto parece impecável, mas sem aquele efeito falso, e após a primeira semana usando notei a minha pele mais saudável e com um lindo brilho natural.

A única parte ruim sobre é que eles não estão mais na promocao :( mas eles definitivamente valem o preço! (Link para comprá-lo no final do post. Faca encomendas comigo.)