Love affair with Moroccanoil

My love affair with Moroccanoil started a long time ago, even before I moved to the USA. And I’ve been here for 5 years already! I remember that when I was coming to live here I was excited about a lot of things, and I have to confess that one of them was the fact that I could easily find Moroccanoil everywhere here. Things has changed since then and I can also easily find them in Brazil now, they are an unanimous obsession among all my friends there.

One of the things that makes me love Moroccanoil is the smell of it. My hair smells SO delicious after washing it with the shampoo and conditioner!

But my truly favorites from Moroccanoil has always been the Moroccanoil Treatment and the Intense Hydrating mask. I use the oil every time I wash my hair. I only need to put one little drop before I dry it and the results are so noticeable: my hair gets a natural glow and a healthier look. And the mask is saving my hair since I got highlights. These two products are a must if you want stronger and beautiful hair.

Lastly but not least, I have recently started to use their dry shampoo for dark hair and it’s so genial! I have used other brands of dry shampoo before and I love them too, but since they were not made for dark hairs they made my hair white because of the powder. Then I have to remove the excess, which can be annoying. So the dry shampoo is definitely going to become a must in my bathroom cabinet as well. And apart from the color, the smell of it it’s delightful (I know I’ve talked about the smell of their products already, but it’s so good I have to say it again haha).

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC