New Haircut Experience at SFNY

I had such an amazing experience getting my haircut at SFNY that I had to write a post talking more about it.I was introduced to SFNY through a newsletter email and I became curious to try it right away. The salon is a new concept created by the celebrity stylist Scott Yance. He created SFNY with the goal to offer a more private, enjoyable and worthwhile experience. He works only with appointments, and the service is completely exclusive.

Before I went to the salon, I was already impressed by the care of the SFNY’s team when their concierge emailed me asking my food and beverage preferences, and also offering assistance arranging my trip to the salon. When I arrived at the salon, I was warmly welcomed by Scott who is so incredibly nice and attentive! He gave me a little tour at the luxurious workspace, and then he sat with me and we talked about my hair. However, he was also interested in getting to know me and our conversation made me very comfortable, which made me relax and trust him to cut my hair – instead of my usual little nervous.

At the end, I was extremely happy with my haircut and I also left the salon in such a great mood! Not just because my hair looked great, but it was such a chill and fun time hanging out with Scott. I felt like I was with a friend, catching up and having a good time. I definitely recommend SFNY and will be coming back. 

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC