Bliss A-'bright' Face Facial-at-home

Are you still looking for a holiday gift? What if you can give someone a brighter face? This bliss a-'bright' face facial-at-home set it’s a present that I am sure will make anybody happy! I am using these three products myself, and I love the results! They have the quality of the Bliss products, and same formula of the ones used at the renowned Bliss spas. And you can easily find it at any Kohl’s or ULTA near you. And you can also just leave a comment at the end of this post for a chance to win one kit ;)

Pra quem ainda está procurando por presentes de natal, esse kit da Bliss é uma ótima opção! Eu estou usando esses produtos e estou amando o resultado! Pra quem ainda não conhece a Bliss é uma marca de produtos de pele, e também rede de spas espalhados pelo EUA. Esses três produtos tem a mesma qualidade dos produtos usados nos spas, e permitem que a gente faça uma limpeza de pele em casa. O kit contém 1 sabonete de limpeza facial, 1 creme hidratante facial para o dia, e uma caixinha com 5 lencinhos umedecidos com produtos especiais para limpeza profunda da pele (tira todas as células mortas). Caso você esteja no EUA ou esteja vindo pra cá, você pode encontrar eles nas lojas Kohl's ou Ulta. No brasil, eu vi que vende pela internet, mas achei o preço um pouco caro. Mas como eu sou uma pessoa super legal, e não quer que você gaste dinheiro (porque o dólar ta fodis), você pode também comentar nesse post pra concorrer à 1 kit ;)

The fabulous foaming face wash: its a two-in-one oil-free exfoliating wash for all skin types, and when you apply it to your face you can feel the tiny beads exfoliating your skin lightly without being too aggressive. Since I am afraid of drying my skin out, I only use it in the night.

Triple oxygen vitamin c cream: I feel like vitamin C in one of the biggest great discovery on skin care, and this cream proves that this vitamin is really great to make our skin revitalized and providing a natural glow. I am applying this cream in the morning along with my Cover FX drops and they work great together because the cream has a nice texture, which easy to blend with the cover drops. I felt like this product gave my skin an awake and I am going to use it even more now during the cold season when we need extra hydration. I love the smell of it - it reminds me of grape fruit.

And lastly but not least, the: that's incredi-'peel' it’s my favorite in the kit! You can really notice the difference in your face when you use it! You can basically feel the dirt coming out of your skin. I am using it before bed after washing with the face wash, and before applying my night moisturizer. When I apply the pads on my face, I suddenly feel my skin getting warm, which makes sense because it contains glycolic acid which is responsible for reducing the excess of dead skin. The instructions in the box says that it can be used daily, but as I said before, I am afraid of drying my face out and I am not going to lie: this product does feel a little hash in the skin. So I rather use it only twice a week or even once a week for a special care. When I do use it, I see it like a facial at home, because it gives me the same after-facial sensation. 

So if you are looking for a last minute gift, I guarantee this will be a great one. Especially if the person who is receiving the gift cares about her skin, and is concerned about an extra care now in the winter.

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Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC