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Customize Your Skin Care Routine

Imagine how incredible would be if you could make your favorite moisturizers, foundations, oils, and serums become even better than they are? That's exactly what these Custom Infusion Drops from Cover FX do. They were created to be added to any skin product - water or oil based. They have 4 different vitamins: A+ Jasmine - anti aging, C+Lemongrass - radiance, E+ Chamomile - calming, and F+Neroli - hydration.

So basically, you can turn any beauty product and a super powerful one which will add the vitamins you need for a beautiful and healthy skin. It's like when you go to Juice Generation and add shots & boosts to your smoothie. Besides, Cover FX is a really cool company which is animal cruelty-free and vegan.

Cover FX also has the Custom Cover Drops which is a pigmentation that can be added to your beauty products. They have 25 different shades, and you can add as many drops you want accordingly to the results you are looking for: 1 Drop = Sheer Coverage, 2 Drops = Medium Coverage, 3 Drops = Full Coverage, and 4 Drops = Total Coverage.

I like it because now in the winter I can just add 1 or 2 drops to my Caudalie moisturizer, and some Custom Infusion Drops and create my own customized tinted moisturizer. It's super easy to mix them: "Just place your usual product into the palm of your hand, DROP in Custom Cover Drops, MIX with your fingertips and TRANSFORM into perfect customized coverage". I love how it looks natural on my skin and give a slightly matte touch. 

It reminds me of when I was a kid and mixed my body lotions to create a different smell. But now my product customization actually brings benefits to my skin.

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Vitamin A+Jasmine - Anti-aging

Vitamin C+ Lemongrass - Radiance

Vitamin E+ Chamomile - Calming

Vitamin F+ Neroli - Hydration

Custom Cover Drops

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