Pur-lisse Skin Cleanser

Living in NYC and having to deal with the cold winter here have taught me some things, like to always wear a scarf, or how important it is to have proper snow boots, and how moisturizing my skin is a must.

During the very cold days, I can feel the wind literally hurting my face and drying my skin out. However, the funny thing is: since I had to learn to take care of my skin, it looks better now than ever before.

One brand that I got to know and try this winter is Purlisse. What made me want to try their products is the fact that they blend Chinese rituals of yesterday with today’s French skincare technology; because I am still amazed by the great potential of Asian skincare products, and everybody loves French everything.

What I like the most about their products so far is that they are very light, and not harsh to my skin at all. My favorite is the Pur-delicate cleanser which has soy milk in it. I love soy milk in my latte, so why not in my cleanser? When I apply this product on my face I can feel it getting really clean (it even takes my mascara off), but very gentle at the same time. The results: a healthy glowing, and super moisturized skin. Thumbs up!

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Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC