Overall Trend

When I was a kid I had a collection of overalls. Even though my mom is not into fashion at all, she always liked overalls and kept buying me them. Maybe it was because it would make it easier for her to put any top on me since the overall covers a big part of it. My mom is more of a practical person than a fashionable one. 

I remember liking to wear overalls more than dresses and skirts, because I could run freely, without worry about keeping my legs together lol. I also used to get compliments from people, more because I was wearing something different from the other kids. I loved being different!

Today I can say that I am a fashionable person, and my personal style plays an important role on my identity. But yeah, we all wake up sometimes feeling like just wearing the most practical option. In the other day, I wanted to clean my house, relax, and do a face mask at home, so I decided to spend the day on my PJs. Then I started craving ice cream, so I just put on my overall over my PJs and went for ice cream haha. I got my craving fix and also a compliment om my overall from the ice cream lady.

So yeah, overalls can be an easy and practical way to look fashionable. I honestly like to wear it with a black or white tank top underneath and that's it. Sneakers, birkenstocks, and any menswear-inspired sandals are my choices for my feet. Although I am searching for  tighter overalls to wear with heels - fashion is about experimenting new things!

If you are looking for a vintage overall, the Brooklyn Flea Market got some good options for you (see the first photo). And I've listed some other options below for you to shop!

I really needed to post this picture and say that I am addicted to coconut water (hello! I am Brazilian, dur), and to brag about my amazing ability to walk for miles with a coconut in my head :)

Overall: Zara

Crop top: H&M

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Watch: Breda

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

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