Summer in Avalon

Photography by Lindsey Thoeng

I am from a beautiful island in the coast of Sao Paulo, and I was more than happy when I found out that I was going to spend my first summer in the US in the Jersey Shore. I ended up spending two entire summers in Avalon, NJ, along with the American family I used to live when I was an au pair.

Although I was thousands miles away from the beaches where I grew up, the sound of the crashing waves and that beach breeze, always made me reconnect with who I am, and somehow feel like I am exactly in the right place. I am very lucky that I got to know many beaches throughout my time in the US, and I just wish the summer could last longer.

I took these pictures last week, when I was in Avalon visiting the family I lived with. The family I like to call MY American family. So far my experience in the US has given me many presents, especially the people I got to know. Unfortunately I don’t get to spend much time with MY American family after I moved to NYC, but anywhere I go I think about them, because they have a big influence on the person I have become.

And that is how I try to enjoy my adventure in this country: learning and growing more each day, and building relationships that I hope will be everlasting.


I was wearing:

Top: Style Moi

Shorts: Tobi

Sandals: Call it Spring

Sunglasses: Forever 21

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