After such cold winter in NYC, I was dying to spend some time in a warmer place, so I went to Miami.

Miami is a very famous vacation location in Brazil, and I have always wanted to go there.  When I was there I could notice why Brazilians love it so much: because it has many similarities with Brazil because of the weather, the beaches, and the concentration of friendly Latin people.

I consider myself very blessed for not only being able to travel to such beautiful city but to stay in the most amazing hotel I have ever seen in my life: 1Hotel South Beach.

The design and the decoration are on point and the staff is extremely attentive. 

My favorite part about this hotel is that they are super luxurious and eco-consciousness. They applied such simple changes that can make a big impact in our environment, such as a farm stand in the lobby, organic textiles, hangers made of recycled paper, room keys made from recycled wood, Tesla electric cars, energy-efficient motion sensors, and so on.

Because I can’t stop thinking about it I feel obligated to say that I had the best French toast in the whole world while I was there. It was a peach French toast made with special K and it was so delicious I could eat it everyday of my life! haha

Think about a dream place! That is what I am mean when I talk about this hotel. From the moment I stepped in the lobby and smelled the hotel’s signature scent until today when I look at these photos I feel like WOW this place is paradise.

If you are planning to go to South Beach you should totally include 1Hotel in your itinerary. Even if it’s just to go have some food or drinks at one of their restaurants. It will blow your mind!

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC