The Power of the color Red

I think it’s super interesting how colors can change or mood, and add a new characteristic to our style. I almost never wear the color red, but I know some people who love and wear it all the time. The color red becomes then part of their identity. They are usually people with a lot of energy, vibrant, and confident.

I definitely don’t think that the red is the color the color that matches my style. It actually is one of my least favorites when it comes to clothes. However, since I love playing with my wardrobe and experimenting new options, I do like to wear red sometimes when I am feeling great about myself and want to feel more sensual.

Because red is the color of passion and love, we can’t deny that it can make any look more sexy and attractive. I wore this jumpsuit from Dezzal on a day when I was in great mood and wanted to feel sexy you know? This doesn’t happen very often to me, so I am back to my basic black clothes, but I think is great to wear something different once in a while, and above all: feel beautiful.

I have said before here on my blog and I am going to repeat: Let’s wear more jumpsuits! Dresses are great, but it’s time to have some fun with a nice jumpsuit that accentuates your curves and makes your ootd more modern. Try it!

Jumpsuit: Dezzal | Shoes: Call it Spring

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC