Church Street Boxing

First I need to say that I might not be the right person to talk about this place because I freaking love boxing!! I did my first boxing class in LA three years ago and it was love at the first sight (or at first punch). When I walked in Church Street Boxing I had a flashback from my first time because the gym looks a lot like the one I went to in LA. Church Street Boxing is not like some of the “preppy” boxing gyms in the city (which btw I also like/frequent). When you are at Church Street Boxing it feels like the real deal: there are posters of fights all over the walls, a big rink, the music, everything made me feel like I was there not just to workout but to fight. The coach Gardea also helped make my experience great. I arrived a bit late and he made me do 50 (YES 50!!) burpees right away. He was the right combination of being tough but still nice and funny, which I personally love. As I have said before, I like to be challenged and having someone screaming at me to push a little harder was very motivational.

Level of difficulty: ★★★★★
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★✩✩✩
Hospitality: ★★★★★

Good for you if you like to: be challenged, boxing, getting sweaty and dirty.

How I felt after the class: accomplished, strong, and looking forward to next class.

Locations: Park PlaceWalker Street

Trainer I had: Gardea Christian

Price: $30. Church Street Boxing is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC