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My Favorite Jeans This Fall #itJustFits

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng / “Collaboration sourced via Shopping Links

I honestly believe that jeans are one of the greatest fashion innovations. No matter what season it is, they are always in. If you manage to find the right ones, they are comfortable, practical, and are a great way to reflect your personal style. It’s a basic, but a key basic. 

This fall, there are quite a few jeans styles taking over the streets and our instagram feeds: skinny-high-waist, ripped knees (yes, still!), jeans with patchwork, and the flare.  

Since I wear jeans all the time, I try to introduce different styles to create outfits that are both beautiful and unexpected. I found a wide variety of jeans at NY&Co, especially in the latest collection with Jennifer Hudson, including all the trends I mentioned above.


While walking the streets of Soho, I was wearing the high-waist-leggings in the Polished Blue Wash. I also have a black one, a boyfriend, and a flare, all from the Soho Jeans Collection. Obsessed much? Luckily, at NY&Co I got the four of them for less than $200 so I was able to have brunch at BarBossa as well. 

What I love most about the skinny-high-waist is that it fits my body perfectly, and it gives me the possibility to play with proportions: making my waist look slimmer, my butt look nicer, defining my hips, and giving the illusion of longer legs. #itJustFits. Additionally, the rips on my knee give off a carefree, laid-back vibe. 

I was wearing:

Jeans: NY&Co

Top: NY&Co

Shoes: H&M

Watch: Great George

Necklaces: NY&Co

More of my favorite jeans from the Soho collection:

“Collaboration sourced via Shopping Links