Pink Bomber Jacket

The seasons come and go and with them our taste for certain clothes also change. No matter how much you wanted the jacket you got 2 years ago, I am sure you will soon be craving a new one.

The problem is that more often than we notice, we end up forgetting about those "ex-favorite" pieces and just burrowing them in our closets. That's why I loved the idea that Boohoo offered me: to give me a new jacket if I made a donation of an old one.

To be honest, it's been while that I was trying to make time to clean my closet and do some donation, and this idea from Boohoo motivated me to do it sooner than later.

Unfortunately, we cannot escape the fact that many people suffer from the cold during the winter, especially in this freezing city. And most of the times we have in our closets more clothes than we actually need. If every time that we bring a new piece home we also donated an old one, we would live in a fairer world.

Jacket: Boohoo | Pants: Boohoo | Top + choker: Boohoo | Hat: Boohoo | Shoes: Adidas

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Raquel Paiva

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