Tommy x Gigi show

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

I still can’t believe in how incredible Tommy Hilfiger show was! I also can’t believe that Lindsey and I were able to attend the show, another check on my bucket list.

This year the designer decided to innovate one more time and he closed down the entire pier 16 and turned it into an amusement park, which included a 40-foot ferris wheel. The real deal!

Since he had that huge venue, he was able to invite 2000 people, and among them were loyal costumers who are not necessarily part of the industry. That was a genial idea because everybody had their smartphones out and was sharing the show in their snapchats and instagram. The hashtags #tommynow and #tommyxgigi were a hit specially after Taylor Swift decided to show up to support her friend who is part of her squad: Gigi.

And talking about Gigi: what a girl!! I feel like she is taking over everything and it was super cool to see her right in front of me. She is even prettier, taller, and skinnier from close! (Yes that’s possible!). I read some interviews with her about the collection and it seems like she was very involved and wanted to make sure the clothes were comfortable and people would wear them. I am kind of obsessed with her, can you tell?

The collection was inspired in nautical and it was really pretty. My favorite pieces are the flared jumpsuit with opened back, the oversized sweatshirt with the logo in the front, and I am dreaming with the day that I will be able to wear a bodysuit with a fur coat and no pants just like Sara Sampaio.

After the show the carnival was a fun party and prosecco, wines, French fries, hamburgers, cotton candy, and so on were served. 

The DJ kept the beat going and it definitely became a night to remember.

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC