persimmon dress

Persimmon Dress To Brighten up This Autumn

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

I bought this dress at Zara about two months ago, and I think it is great for the fall season, because of its persimmon color. I love the deep U-shaped-cut in the front of the dress, and the lace details as well. But my favorite thing about this dress is without a doubt its color.

Fall is definitely the time to start saying goodbye to the most colorful pieces in our wardrobe, and to go back to the winter-famous colors: black and grey. I will not lie and say that I don't like the "darker" clothes, I actually prefer those minimalistic tones. But I just don't feel ready to completely change yet, so this persimmon color is helping me transition from colorful to black.

I just feel like time is passing by so fast! Soon it will be winter, and all we see are black outfits. So during fall, I want to enjoy wearing the most of fall-earth-colors while I can. If you also feel that way, or if you are just loving the color of my dress, scroll down to see some other dresses in autumn-trendy-colors to brighten up your season.

I was wearing:

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Call it Spring

Cuff: Nashelle

Sunglasses: Ray ban

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