On Driggs Avenue

The Williamsburg neighborhood has been growing insanely in the past years, and the real estate prices are becoming higher and higher. However, you can still find some spots that are not yet dominated by the new wave of people moving to Brooklyn. This house is one of them. 

I have no idea what it was before and why people are not using it, he only thing I know is that it looks so cool. The old rustic architecture and the big American Flag hanging on the door makes me feel like I was taken to the past when I look at it. It's like a piece of old fashioned construction right in the middle of the modern, stylish, and hipster area. 

I guess I am not the only one who loves it because I always see people photographing in front of it! For these pictures, it was amazing how the sunlight was beaming against the glass windows, and my lipstick coordinating with the American Flag.

I am wearing:

Sweater: H&M

Pants: H&M

Boots: Stuart Weitzman

Sunglasses: illesteva

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC