My first month with classpass & blink membership

You don’t need to know me really well to know how much I love to workout. I have always enjoyed taking classes and when I moved to New York I signed up to NYSC and tried to enroll to all the classes that fit my schedule. However, it was a little hard to find classes that matched my schedule and after a while, they were not doing it for me anymore. I would finish a class and feel like it wasn’t challenging enough and I was getting bored. Coincidentally, around the same time that I was getting a little frustrated with the classes at NYSC I was approached by Classpass for a collaboration. They gave me one month of free membership and that was the push I needed to quit NYSC and join Classpass. 
I have been a member for about two months and I LOVE the classes I tried so far. Their app is very practical and I can easily book a class. They have an insane amount of cool gyms throughout the city, and the app shows you a map or a list to find the options near you.
Another factor that influenced me to become a member of Classpass was their new partnership with Blink. Now, besides having the opportunity to try all the amazing classes, I can also just use any Blink gym when I feel like doing my own thing.

They have different types of membership, which you can check it out on their website.

And if you sign up using this link you will have 20% off your Classpass x Blink plan.

Or you could also use this link for a free two-week trial.

Here are the reviews for the five classes I have tried so far:

Fhitting Room


Church Street Boxing



Stay tuned for more.

Raquel Paiva

Brazilian fashion and lifestyle blogger based in NYC