My first month with classpass & blink membership

You don’t need to know me really well to know how much I love to workout. I have always enjoyed taking classes and when I moved to New York I signed up to NYSC and tried to enroll to all the classes that fit my schedule. However, it was a little hard to find classes that matched my schedule and after a while, they were not doing it for me anymore. I would finish a class and feel like it wasn’t challenging enough and I was getting bored. Coincidentally, around the same time that I was getting a little frustrated with the classes at NYSC I was approached by Classpass for a collaboration. They gave me one month of free membership and that was the push I needed to quit NYSC and join Classpass. 
I have been a member for about two months and I LOVE the classes I tried so far. Their app is very practical and I can easily book a class. They have an insane amount of cool gyms throughout the city, and the app shows you a map or a list to find the options near you.
Another factor that influenced me to become a member of Classpass was their new partnership with Blink. Now, besides having the opportunity to try all the amazing classes, I can also just use any Blink gym when I feel like doing my own thing.

They have different types of membership, which you can check it out on their website.

And if you sign up using this link you will have 20% off your Classpass x Blink plan.

Or you could also use this link for a free two-week trial.

Here are the reviews for the five classes I have tried so far:

Fhitting Room


Church Street Boxing



Stay tuned for more.

Fhitting Room

A friend of mine who has been working out at Fhitting room for years told me to try it and she was right: I love it! For me, I like when a workout is challenging but still doable. And that was one of the reasons why I loved this studio. It was a tough class, but not that class that you get frustrated for not being able to complete the sets. Even though the class was at a fast pace, everybody was able to respect their own limits, without having to rush and lifting the weight appropriate to them. I also loved how there are two instructors instead of one per class, so there is not a moment that you feel lost or helpless. I am very concerned about not hurting myself, and for me is way more important to get the right form than the number of reps.

Level of difficulty: ★★★★✩
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★★★★
Hospitality: ★★★★★✩

Good for you if you like to: High-intensity class combining strength workout and cardio. And also clarity in what exercises you are doing and assistance to get the right form/movement (they have 2 trainers in each class).

How I felt after the class: energized, motivated, accomplished, and strong.

Locations: Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and Flatiron.

Trainers I had: Dennis Lozada and Riley O'Donnell

Price: $38 (when you buy your first class you get the second one free). Fhitting room is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 


I love intense class and to feel challenged, so I decided to try a workout at Exceed Physical Culture. I'm glad I did it and it's one of the studios on Classpass that I will definitely come back. The class is 50 minutes long and gets your heart rate high while toning your whole body. The classes have a maximum of 20 people per class, which made very easy to communicate with the trainer and follow the workout. I liked how the class was in a fast pace which kept my heart rate high, and the sets were composed by a variety of exercises which worked different muscles and didn't allow me to feel bored. 

Level of difficulty: ★★★★✩
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★★★✩
Hospitality: ★★★★✩

Good for you if you like to: High-intensity class combining strength workout and cardio. 

How I felt after the class: energized, motivated, and strong.

Locations: Upper East Side, and Tribeca.

Trainer I had: Alan Filauro

Price: $32 and they offer a first time special. Exceed is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 


I have been wanting to try Flywheel for so long and I don’t know why it took me so much time to do it. I love spinning classes! I’m obsessed with Soulcycle, which was one of the reasons I wanted to check how was Flywheel. What I really liked about flywheel is that there is a race between you and other people in the class which for me is an extra push to work hard. I’m a competitive person and for me its fun to race with the other people in the class and also to see how much I am improving from class to class. Another plus for me was the fact that the settings for the class are very clear. Each bike has a little screen in which you can see the torq (resistance), speed, and your total power (an algorithm based on your speed and resistance). So it is very easy to understand what intensity your trainer is asking you to achieve the HIIT benefits, and also to measure your work.

Level of difficulty: ★★★✩✩
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★★★✩
Hospitality: ★★★★★

Good for you if you like to: HIIT, sweat a lot, competition, and workout to great playlists.

How I felt after the class: light, energized and accomplished.

Locations: Williamsburg, Noho, Nomad, Flatiron, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Lincoln Square, Tribeca, Chelsea, Midtown East.

The trainer I had: Nowani Rattray

Price: $36 per class and $15 for the first class (NYC special). Flywheel is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 

Church Street Boxing

First I need to say that I might not be the right person to talk about this place because I freaking love boxing!! I did my first boxing class in LA three years ago and it was love at the first sight (or at first punch). When I walked in Church Street Boxing I had a flashback from my first time because the gym looks a lot like the one I went to in LA. Church Street Boxing is not like some of the “preppy” boxing gyms in the city (which btw I also like/frequent). When you are at Church Street Boxing it feels like the real deal: there are posters of fights all over the walls, a big rink, the music, everything made me feel like I was there not just to workout but to fight. The coach Gardea also helped make my experience great. I arrived a bit late and he made me do 50 (YES 50!!) burpees right away. He was the right combination of being tough but still nice and funny, which I personally love. As I have said before, I like to be challenged and having someone screaming at me to push a little harder was very motivational.

Level of difficulty: ★★★★★
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★✩✩✩
Hospitality: ★★★★★

Good for you if you like to: be challenged, boxing, getting sweaty and dirty.

How I felt after the class: accomplished, strong, and looking forward to next class.

Locations: Park PlaceWalker Street

Trainer I had: Gardea Christian

Price: $30. Church Street Boxing is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 


I think I probably never sweat as much as I did in this class! Bode is the formerly Bikram Yoga which offered hot yoga. If you another familiar with the Bikram method it is basically a yoga class in a heated room. When I say heated, I mean really hot. I love yoga, but I decided to try their High-Intensity Interval class because you know me, I love HIIT. What I liked about this class is that the fact that your body gets really warm it also makes it more flexible, and all the movements were low impact and I felt like I wasn't overdoing it or hurting my joints. My trainer was very clear and good at targeting the right muscles. I felt a little sore the next couple days, which for me is a positive sign. 

In this photo you can see how steamy the room gets

Level of difficulty: ★★★✩✩
Cleanness of studio and amenities: ★★★★★
Hospitality: ★★★★✩

Good for you if you like to: definitely sweat! Low impact exercises and effective toning.

How I felt after the class: HOT! lol Energized and motivated.

Locations: Flatiron, Midtown, Upper East Side, Upper West Side

Trainer I had: Aura

Price: $30 and they also have an introductory offer. Bode is also part of Classpass which you can try 2 weeks free with this link or use this link for 20% off on the Classpass and Blink membership. 

Yoga at Yogaworks

I’m the type of person who loves to try out a bunch of different workout classes: from boxing to dancing anything that seems challenging sparks a interest in me.

Yoga is one of the classes that it’s pretty challenging for me because I’m not flexible at all, and I usually prefer the classes which I run/jump/lift and sweat like a crazy person. But there were so many times that I did yoga and enjoyed it so much that I decided that in 2007 I was going to get better at it. I told myself that I was going to practice more often to improve my flexibility, breathing, posture, and that way enjoy yoga every time I do it, because nothing compares to that peaceful feeling afterwards.

I got super happy when I started doing classes at Yogaworks. First of all, the stuff there is super nice, and the studios are so beautiful, with great lighting that makes me feel relaxed by just being there. Their instructors are amazingly patient, and capable of helping everybody in the class. I especially loved how they are very specific about how you should do each move, explaining how your posture should be, and how you should feel.

And then I decided to try the Coreworks class and it made me fall in love even more with the studio. I came to the class thinking I was going to nail it because I work my core so much doing boxing and total body conditioning at the gym, and I was extremely surprised about how there are many other exercises to work your core, targeting different muscles that I didn’t even know I had. I felt my abs tighter after the class (yay) and broke a sweat just the way I love. Definitely recommend trying that class! In NYC I did it with the instructor Lynette Johnson and she’s wonderful!

Now, how cute is my sportswear from Boohoo? I’m kind obsessed with it and got some compliments in the locker room (yay again). This set is super comfortable and is a great deal for the price. The link to shop it is below:

Sports bra: Boohoo | Leggings: Boohoo

Check out more more outfit from Boohoo Fitness




Is Your Fitness Wardrobe Summer Ready?

It's summertime! Yay! Time to give some break to your black, gray and dark fitness outfits.

There are plenty of colorful leggings and workout tops for you out there, to make you fitness sessions more fun and bright!

Take a look on my favorites:  

É finalmente verão em NY! Yay! Chegou a hora de dar umas férias para as roupas de academia pretas, cinzas e escuras.

Existem tantos tops e leggings lindas e coloridas no mercado, para fazer nossas sessões fitness mais divertidas e legais!

Dê uma olhada em meus favoritos:

Don't believe me just squat

We all want to have a nice booty! Some people want to have a big one, others a tiny one, but we all want it to be strong, hard, and to make people think: Wow she squats!

Todos nós queremos ter um bum bum durinho! Tem gente que quer ter bunda grande outros um menorzinho, porem todos nós queremos que seja forte, firme e faca as pessoas pensarem: Wow she squats! ( Ela faz agachamentos)

I love doing squats because I don't need to go to the gym or to have any equipment to do it, I just need my body! Lunges are also great for our lower body. All you have to do is: drop it like its hot!

Eu adoro fazer agachamentos porque eu não preciso ir  para a academia ou ter nenhum equipamento, eu só preciso do meu corpo! Lunges também são maravilhosos para os nossos membros inferiores. Tudo que você precisa fazer é: descer ate o chao chao chao! (brincadeirinha)

My lower body workout routine: Two times a week I do a variation of squats and lunges that target different gluteus and legs muscles. I usually do 2 sets with 15 repetitions of each exercise: regular squats, jump squats, sumo squats, lunges, and jump lunges.

Minha rotina de treino: Duas vezes por semana eu faço uma variação de agachamento e lunges que têm como alvo diferentes músculos glúteos e pernas. Eu costumo fazer 2 conjuntos com 15 repetições de cada exercício : agachamentos, agachamentos com salto, agachamento sumô, lunges, e lunges com salto.

I feel an enormous difference in my body since I reduced doing lifting to do more exercises using my body weight and I recommend it to everyone! I just have to say that you better be prepared to feel sore after - no pain, no gain!

Eu sinto uma enorme diferença no meu corpo desde que eu reduzi a musculacao e comecei a fazer mais exercícios usando o peso do meu corpo. Eu recomendo pra todo mundo! Eu só tenho a dizer que é melhor você estar preparado para sentir dores no dia seguinte : "No pain, no gain"!

If you are still underestimating the power of "dropping like its hot", read this article with 8 reasons to do squats and I guarantee you will be impressed ;)

I was wearing:

T-shirt: Dead Legacy

Shorts: Nike

Shoes: Nike

Photography: Lindsey Thoeng 


At this point everybody knows how good it is to detox and make our bodies clean of what we indulged, but don't need in our body - the food that don't have any good nutrients.

However, many of you still don't know that its not necessary to just juice for 3 days to detox. I've tried to live 3 days just "eating" juice and I felt so miserable and all I wanted was to eat everything again once the 3 days of detoxing were over. Obviously my juicing never caused a long effect on my body.

So today my tip to you who wants to have your body clean and your intestine working properly: Drink tea!

Hoje em dia, todo mundo sabe como é importante fazer detox e limpar nosso corpo de tudo que comemos mas não precisamos em nosso corpo (os alimento que não tem valor nutritivos).

No entanto, o que muitos ainda não sabem é que não é necessário beber apenas suco por 3 dias para fazer detox. Eu tentei viver 3 dias apenas "comendo" suco e eu me senti péssima e tudo que eu queria era comer que nem uma louca assim que os 3 dias de detox acabassem. Obviamente meus detox de suco nunca fizeram um efeito prolongado no meu corpo.

Então, hoje a minha dica para você que quer ter seu corpo limpo e seu intestino funcionando corretamente é: Beber chá!

I started this 14 days teatox from tiny tea and I loved it so much that I can't stop drinking them even after the 14 days! It makes me feel revitalized and energized!

"The magical blend of the TinyTea is based upon traditional Chinese Medicine principles with delicately balanced herbs that are designed to nourish and cleanse the digestive system. In Chinese Medicine, the digestive system is the pivot of health. Nourishing this will allow your body to achieve optimum physical, aesthetic and emotional health."

Eu comecei esse teatox (detox de chá) de 14 dias e eu gostei tanto que eu não consigo parar de beber eles mesmo após os 14 dias! Eles me fazem sentir revitalizada e energizada!

"A mistura mágica do TinyTea se baseia em princípios da medicina tradicional chinesa com ervas delicadamente equilibradas que são projetadas para nutrir e limpar o sistema digestivo. Na medicina chinesa, o sistema digestivo é o pivô de saúde. Nutrir ele vai permitir que o seu corpo consiga atingir ideal físico, estético e saúde emocional. "

My favorite part about detoxing with this tea is that I can  take care of my body by just sipping it through my day and eat normally without having to be hungry! The tea tastes good and helps me with my sweet cravings! But the main reason is my digestive system working properly because it makes me feel good, energized, and my skin looking better.

Shop Tiny Tea Teatox

A minha parte favorita desses chás é que eu posso cuidar do meu corpo apenas tomando goles do chá durante o meu dia, e comer normalmente sem ter que passar fome! O chá tem um gosto bom e me ajuda com meus desejos de comer doce! Mas a principal razão é o meu sistema digestivo funcionando corretamente porque isso me faz sentir bem, me da energia, e minha pele fica bem melhor.

E quem quiser experimentar esse chá, só me enviar um email com assunto: teatox que eu estarei enviando algumas amostras ;)



What I Eat

Since I wrote this post talking about how I lost 26 pounds after moving to the USA, I keep receiving messages asking about what I eat today in a normal day. First of all, let me make clear that I don't starve and I am totally against not having food in order to lose weight! Food is necessary to live happy and healthy! However, I pay A LOT of attention to what I eat because I want to make sure I am only putting good things into my body.

I reduced a lot the amount of my sugar consumption and I'm always trying a healthier option. I drink coffee with soy milk instead of regular milk (soy latte), because the soy milk is sweeter and I don't need to use sugar. I eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Little things that at the end make a big difference.

I almost don't eat fried food and I do my best to eat whole wheat and get away from the white flour. I eat whole wheat pasta, bread and wraps. Brown rice instead of white rice. 

As I said before in this post, the change is difficult in the beginning. After you get used to eating healthier options and see the difference not only in the mirror, but also in the way that you feel, it becomes super easy to maintain that lifestyle.

Now I am going to show you what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, so you guys can have an idea and create your own routine. I eat 3 main meals and 2 or 3 snacks. I eat every 3 hours because I'm always hungry, and if I don't eat I become hangry. 


Oatmeal with fruits; Eggs (hard boiled, poached, scramble); Spinach omelete; Avocado toast; Almond butter or peanut butter toast with bananas; Waffles with fruits.


Salad; Wrap; Sandwich; Sushi


Chicken; Fish; Steak; Vegetable; Rice; Pasta.


Fruits; Nuts; Greek yogurt; Protein bars; Carrots; Green tea.

That is basically what I usually eat everyday, and I always mix them up so I don't get bored of eating the same thing over and over. There are so many options of vegetables and fruits, so many ways you can cook the chicken or the eggs in the morning. The possibilities are endless! 


Desde que eu escrevi esse post falando sobre ter perdido 17 Kg depois de ter mudado pro USA, nao paro de receber mensagens perguntando sobre a minha alimentação hoje em dia. Primeiro de tudo, quero deixar claro que nao passo fome, e sou totalmente contra ficar sem comer. Comida e necessario para vivermos felizes e saudáveis. Porem, eu presto MUITA atenção no que como porque quero ter certeza de estar colocando dentro do meu corpo somente coisas boas.

Diminui muito a quantidade de açúcar que consumo, sempre tempo uma opção mais saudável. Tomo cafe com leite de soja, ao invés de leite normal, porque o leite de soja e mais docinho e ai eu nao preciso usar acucar. Como chocolate meio amargo, ao inves de chocolate ao leite, e frozen yogurt ao inves de sorvete. Sao pequenas coisinhas que no fim acabam fazendo grande diferenca. 

Quase nao como mais fritura, ate porque aqui nao consigo achar pastel e coxinha todos os lugares, entao e mais facil de evitar haha,

Faco o possivel para comer coisas integrais e fugir da farinha branca fina. Como arroz, macarrao, e pao integral.

Como falei antes nesse post, a mudanca e dificil no comeco. Depois que voce se acostuma a comer opcoes mais saudaveis e ver a diferenca nao so no espelho mas tambem na forma que voce se sente, fica super facil de manter esse estilo de vida.

Entao hoje vou mostrar o que como no cafe da manha, almoco, janta e lanches, e ai voces podem ter uma ideia e criar a sua propria rotina. Eu como as três refeições principais e 2 ou 3 lanches. Eu como a cada 3 horas, porque eu estou sempre com fome e se eu não comer meu humor fica pessimo!

Café da manhã:

Aveia com frutas, ovos (cozidos, fritos, gema mole, mexido, etc), omelete com espinafre, torrada com abacate amassado com sal e pimenta, torrada com pasta de amendoim ou de amendoas, waffles com frutas.


Salada, Wrap, Sanduiche, sushi.


frango, peixe, carne, legumes, arroz, macarrao.


frutas, amêndoas, pistache, iogurte grego, barrinhas de proteína, cenoura, chá verde.

Isso é basicamente o que eu costumo comer todos os dias, e eu sempre dou uma misturada para não me cansar de comer a mesma coisa. Há tantas opções de legumes e frutas, tantas maneiras de cozinhar o frango ou os ovos na parte da manhã. As possibilidades são infinitas!

Se o seu objetivo e perder peso, mas de uma forma saudavel: coma bem!


How the Body Book Changed the Way I See Food

I love reading and I love food, so this book is great for me! It is amazing for me the fact that what we eat can be related to so many things in our lives, as diseases or how or skin looks! When I talk about alimentation I am always emphasizing how important it is to be healthy, but I know that for most of people who decide to change their eating habits is because they want to lose weight. I wrote this post explaining how and why I lost more than 30 pounds after moving to America, and saying that I've found a healthy lifestyle balance. What I did not say was the food I stopped eating in order to find this balance.

I am also part of the big group of people who have tried different (sometimes crazy) kinds of diets, without having an effective result. First of all I hate to be hungry! It puts me in a really bad mood (hangry). And after I was done with the diet, I gained all the weight right back. I used to get frustrated and so mad at myself for being so hungry and eating what I shouldn't. And that's how the Body Book changed my view on food.

This amazing book was written by the gorgeous Cameron Dias, who even though was always skinny, used to eat a lot of junk food when she was young. Her world changed when she opted to live a healthier lifestyle. I am so happy for her and so glad she decided to share her story with us. She tells details of how food is important for so many things in our lives. 

Basically what I learned is: we need food to survive! The energy we have to do our tasks every day comes from what we eat. Like a car that need gas in order to work, we need food as a source of energy and strength. When we feel hungry, that is our body telling us that it needs more food. When we do those crazy diets which we are hungry all the time, our bodies don't receive the energy it needs to work. We will not function properly, we will feel weak and upset (nobody is happy when is hungry), our immune system will lower its power, and at the end we will only have damaged ourselves.

The problem is that we somehow lost our notion of food and what our bodies need. We were sold to the practical, and temptations of food that are not actually food. We stopped eating what was natural and whole as vegetable and fruits to start eating pizzas and ice cream.

I know it is hard to change your habits when it comes to eating, but honestly speaking it is SO WORTHY IT! And I guarantee that the hardest part is the beginning. It's hard to start changing your choices, but once you start doing it you get used to it. I wrote this post talking about the BBG and I think the food menu Kayla Itsines displays on the book is great! It worked really well for me. But If you don't want to get the guide, and want a help from me, I am going to post my weekly meals here next week so you can have an idea and create you own! Stay tuned!

What I changed after reading this book:

  • I started eating more fruits and less desserts.
  • I substituted white sugar for raw sugar, white flour for whole wheat flour, white rice for brown rice.
  • I drink even more water than before. Always a big glass first thing in the morning.
  • I am experimenting more flavors from herbs and vegetables.
  • I understood how important it is to keep our body moving.

There were many changes and things I learned and it's very hard to list all in one post. I am going to share more as I go. I am not crazy about following all the rules, and I think it's important to be happy and it's ok to eat something not so healthy that you are craving. But there are many options out there that we can use to solve those craves too. I love french fries as an example, but I have found a solution for my desire to eat them: Baked sweet potatoes! It's way more healthy, and I promise it is so yummy!

It's also very easy to make and you only need 4 ingredients: sweet potato, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

All you have to do is to cut the potatoes in french fries shape, put them on a baking sheet, sprinkle some salt and pepper, and drizzle a little bit of olive oil. Bake for around 40 minutes on a 425 degrees.

Sometimes at the end I add some basil, or parmesan cheese to give a special taste. Or for a even more delicious aroma and flavor, my secret is to drizzle some truffle oil.

Buy the Body Book here

Hope I can inspire you to be a better self!

Eu adoro ler e eu adoro comida, então este livro e é por isso que considero esse livro ótimo! É incrível para mim o fato de que o que comemos pode ser relacionado com tantas coisas em nossas vidas, como doenças, ou o estado da nossa pele! Quando eu falo sobre alimentação, estou sempre enfatizando o quanto é importante ser saudável, mas eu sei que o motivo da maioria das pessoas que decidem mudar seus hábitos alimentares é a perca de peso. Eu escrevi este post explicando como e por que eu perdi mais de 30 quilos depois de se mudar para a América, e dizendo que encontrei um equilíbrio e estilo de vida saudável. O que eu não disse foi o que eu parei de comer para encontrar esse equilíbrio.

Eu também sou parte do enorme grupo de pessoas que já experimentaram diferentes (às vezes malucas) dietas, sem ter um resultado eficaz. Primeiro de tudo eu odeio ficar com fome! Me deixa com um humor péssimo! E depois que eu terminei as dietas, ganhei todo o peso de volta. Eu costumava ficar frustrada e com tanta raiva de mim mesma por ter tanta fome e comer o que eu não deveria. E é assim que o Livro do Corpo mudou minha visão sobre alimentos.

Esse livro surpreendente foi escrito pela linda da Cameron Dias, que sempre foi magra, porém costumava comer um monte de porcarias quando ela era mais jovem. Seu mundo mudou quando ela optou por viver uma vida saudável. Bom pra ela e fico tão feliz que ela decidiu compartilhar sua história com a gente. Ela conta detalhes de como comida é importante para tantas coisas em nossas vidas.

Basicamente o que eu aprendi é: precisamos de comida para sobreviver! A energia que temos para fazer as nossas tarefas a cada dia vem do que nós comemos. Como um carro que precisa de gasolina para funcionar, nós precisamos de comida como fonte de energia e força. Quando estamos com fome é o nosso corpo nos dizendo que ele precisa de mais alimentos. Quando fazemos essas dietas loucas que passamos fome o tempo todo, o nosso corpo não recebe a energia que necessita para trabalhar. Nós não funcionamos bem, nos sentimos fracos e chateados (ninguém é feliz quando está com fome), o nosso sistema imunológico vai diminuir o seu poder, e no final teremos apenas nos danificado.

O problema é que de alguma forma nós perdemos a noção dos alimentos que o nosso corpo precisa. Fomos vendidos para o que é prático, e as tentações. Nós paramos de comer o que era natural como vegetais e frutas e começamos a comer pizzas e sorvetes.

Eu sei que é difícil de mudar seus hábitos quando se trata de comida, mas honestamente falando, vale muito a pena! E eu garanto que a parte mais difícil é o começo. É difícil começar a mudar suas escolhas, mas uma vez que você começar a mudança você vai se acostumar com ela. Eu escrevi este post falando sobre o BBG e eu acho que o menu de comida que a Kayla Itsines mostra no livro é ótimo! Funcionou muito bem para mim. Mas se você não quer comprar o guia, e quer uma ajuda minha, eu vou postar minhas refeições semanais aqui na próxima semana para que você possa ter uma idéia e criar a sua rotina! Fiquem atentos!

O que eu mudei depois de ler esse livro:

  • Eu comecei a comer mais frutas e menos sobremesas.
  • Eu substitui o açúcar branco para o açúcar demerara, farinha branca por farinha de trigo integral, arroz branco por arroz integral.
  • Eu bebo mais água do que antes. Sempre um copo grande de manhã em jejum.
  • Eu estou experimentando mais sabores de temperos, ervas e legumes.
  • Compreendi o quanto é importante manter nosso corpo em movimento.

Houveram muitas mudanças e coisas que eu aprendi e é muito difícil listar tudo em um post. Vou dar dicas ao poucos. Eu não sou louca sobre seguir todas as regras, e eu acho que é importante ser feliz acima de tudo. Acho ok comer algo não tão saudável que você esteja desejando de vemz em quando. Porém existem muitas opções que podemos usar para resolver nossos desejos também. Eu amo batatas fritas por exemplo, mas eu encontrei uma solução para o meu desejo de comer elas: batata doce assada! É uma maneira mais saudável, e eu juro que ficam gostosas! É também muito fácil de fazer e você só precisa de quatro ingredientes: batata doce, sal, pimenta e azeite. Tudo que você tem que fazer é cortar as batatas no formato de batata frita, coloca-las em uma assadeira, polvilhar um pouco de sal e pimenta do reino, e um pouco de azeite de oliva. Asse por cerca de 40 minutos no forno de 220 graus.

Às vezes, no final eu adiciono um pouco de manjericão, ou queijo parmesão para dar um sabor especial. E para um sabor e aroma ainda mais delicioso, meu segredo é colocar um pouco de azeite trufado.

Compre o livro do corpo aqui.

Espero que eu possa te inspirar a ter uma vida melhor!

The Bikini Body Guide On My Body

In September last year, I started a workout program called the bikini body guide. I was already going to the gym regularly, and eating healthier options. However, I wanted to stick to a schedule to make it easier to know what to eat, or when and how to workout. Another thing that convinced me to try this guide was the before and after pictures of people who tried the guide - It was impressive! I then decided to start this guide created by the Australian trainer Kayla Itsines.

My pictures don't show a crazy difference, because as I said before, I was already fit before starting the guide. But if you pay closer attention to places like my legs and abs, you will notice the difference. And do you wanna know what is funny about it? Those are parts of my body I was exercising harder before starting the guide! But since I was doing it on my own, just doing what I felt was right, the results were not so great. The program guided me to a series of exercises that worked in different muscles I didn't even know existed. It was also great to create a pattern between resistance training, low intensity (liss), and high intensity interval training (hiit).

What I love mostly about the guide:

  • You don't need to spend hours at the gym. All you need is around 40 min each time.
  • The exercises are easy and I do them at home sometimes.
  • You can see the results very quickly.
  • You don't have to starve yourself. Kaila provides few yummy recipes, and a schedule of what to eat in order to get all vitamins and nutrients our body needs.
  • I don't only look stronger, but I feel much stronger and energized than before.
  • Following a workout and eating routine makes my body function much better, including my intestines. Yay!
  • I love the method of comparing the results through pictures instead of weight. Since I also built muscle, weighting myself is not the best way to know how much more lean I got (although I'm impressed that I lost about 6 pounds).
  • You can follow some other fellows changing their bodies through hashtags like: #bbg #bikinibodyguide. Seeing their pictures is motivational!

What I don't love about the guide:

  • I have only purchased the first guide, and I wish there was more recipes and examples of eating schedules. 
  • It was hard to conciliate: college, work, and eating right, so for most of the days I packed my food. What I don't like about it is the carrying an extra bag around with my food. Which sometimes smells like food for the rest of the day. 
  • Soreness! Although the exercises were not very tough, I felt very sore after some of them. A fact that I don't really hate, because it reminded me my body was getting stronger. Plus I have to confess that I skipped stretching many of those times I felt sore.

Overall, thumbs up for this guide!

It's a great way to get healthier and leaner! Of course I recommended it to my friends and they love it as well. So if you are looking for a new lifestyle routine: get the guide!

Get your guide here!

And I am going to start the guide 2 soon! Stay tuned for reviews and to check my process!

Stay inspired! xo

Em setembro do ano passado eu comecei um programa de treino chamado Bikini Body Guide. Eu já estava indo para a academia regularmente, e comendo opções mais saudáveis. No entanto, eu queria ter uma programação que me ajudasse a saber o que comer, e quando ou como treinar. Outra coisa que me convenceu a tentar esse guia foram as fotos de antes e depois das pessoas que tentaram o guia. E impressionante! Então decidi começar esse guia criado pela treinadora Kayla Itsines.

Minhas fotos não mostram uma diferença muito grande porque como eu disse antes, eu já estava seguindo um estilo de vida saudavel antes de iniciar o guia. Mas se você prestar bastante atenção em lugares como as minhas pernas e barriga, você vai notar a diferença. E sabe o que é engraçado sobre isso? Essas são partes do meu corpo que eu estava exercendo ainda mais antes de iniciar o guia! Porem eu estava fazendo por conta própria, apenas fazendo o que eu sentia que era certo. O programa me ensinou uma série de exercícios que trabalham em músculos que eu nem sabia que existiam. Foi também otimo para criar um intervalo certo entre cardio, muculacao, exercicios de alta intensidade e etc.

O que eu amo sobre o guia:

  • Você não precisa gastar horas na academia. Tudo que você precisa é de cerca de 40 min cada vez.
  • Os exercícios são fáceis e da pra fazer ate em casa.
  • Da pra ver os resultados rapido.
  • Você não tem que passar fome. Kaila fornece algumas receitas deliciosas, e um cronograma do que comer para obter todas as vitaminas e nutrientes que nosso corpo necessita.
  • Eu não só pareco mais fortes, mas eu me sinto muito mais forte e energizada do que antes.
  • Seguindo uma rotina de exercicios e do que comer faz meu corpo funcionar muito melhor, incluindo o meu intestino. Uhul!
  • Amo o método de comparação dos resultados através de fotos ao em vez da balanca. Ja que eu também construi massa muscular, me pesar não seria a melhor maneira de checar meu desenvolvimento (embora eu esteja impressionada por ter perdido quase 3 kgs).
  • Você pode acompanhar outras pessoas mudando seus corpos através das hashtags: #bikinibodyguide #bbg. As fotos sao inspiradoras!

O que eu não amo sobre o guia:

  • Eu só comprei o primeiro guia, e eu gostaria que houvesse mais receitas e exemplos alimentares.
  • E difícil conciliar: faculdade, trabalho, e comer direito. Entao para maioria dos dias eu levei minha comida de casa. O que eu não gosto é de levar uma bolsa extra com a minha comida. Que as vezes fica com o cheiro da comida.
  • Dor! Embora os exercícios não serem muito difíceis, eu me senti muito dolorida depois de alguns deles. Um fato que na verdade eu não odeio cem por cento, porque me lembra que meu corpo esta ficando mais forte. Além disso, eu tenho que confessar que eu nao fiz alongamento muitas dessas vezes que me senti dolorida.

No geral, guia aprovadissimo!

É uma ótima maneira de obter um estilo de vida mais saudável! É claro que eu recomendei para varios amigos e eles adoram o guia também. Então, se você está procurando uma nova rotina de vida: compre o guia! Infelizmente, so tem em Ingles :( Mas quem sabe essa nao pode ser ma forma de melhor seu ingles enquanto melhora seu corpo?

Obtenha seu guia aqui!

E eu vou começar o guia 2 em breve! Fique atento para reviews e verificar o meu processo!

Continue inspirado! xo

My Physical Change After Moving to The US

Three and a half years ago I set foot in the US for the very first time. I was only 20 years old, and ready to start a new adventure in my life. I came to work as an au pair, and my intention was to stay here for a year to improve my English. The experience turned out to be more enriching than I expected: I not only learned a new language, but also how much the world has to offer. If I had to describe this experience with one word, I would choose the word growth

I am so glad I made the hard decision and was brave enough to come to the US. I've reached many goals, and became a stronger person and more confident than I was before.

Stronger also physically. I often receive messages asking what I did to achieve the body I have today. I left my home country weighing around 158 pounds, and now I weigh 122. My friends keep asking for the secret, and I have decided to write this post to talk more in-depth about it.

Três anos e meio atrás eu estava pisando no EUA pela primeira vez. Eu tinha apenas 20 anos, e estava pronta para começar uma nova aventura na minha vida. Eu vim como au pair, e minha intenção era de ficar aqui por um ano para melhorar o meu Inglês. A experiência acabou sendo mais enriquecedora do que eu esperava. Eu aprendi não só um novo idioma, mas também como o mundo tem tanto à nos oferecer. Se eu tivesse que descrever essa experiência com apenas uma palavra, eu escolheria a palavra crescimento.

Hoje sou muito feliz por ter tomado essa difícil decisão, e ter dado o corajoso passo de vir para o EUA. Eu alcancei muitos objetivos, e me tornei muito mais forte do que eu era antes.

Mais forte fisicamente também. Costumo receber mensagens perguntando o que eu fiz para conseguir o corpo que tenho hoje. Eu deixei meu país pesando em torno de 72 Kg, e agora eu peso 55 Kg. Meus amigos ficam pedindo o segredo, e eu decidi escrever esse post para falar mais sobre isso.

Obviously there is not a secret. I lost weight really fast, most of it during my first year in the US. Unfortunately I can't give any good advice of what I did during that year, because I actually don't wish the same to happen to anyone. In the beginning, moving to US was harder than I expected. I felt homesick all the time, and limited for not being able to speak English fluently. I felt unmotivated to do anything, including eating. The change in my alimentation was also a big influence - I missed the food from Brazil so much!

Obviamente que não existe um segredo. Eu perdi peso muito rápido, a maior parte dele durante o meu primeiro ano no EUA. Infelizmente, eu não posso dar conselhos sobre o que eu fiz durante esse ano, porque eu não desejo o mesmo para ninguém. No início, a mudança para o EUA foi mais difícil do que eu esperava. Eu sentia saudades de casa o tempo todo, e me sentia limitada por não ser capaz de falar Inglês fluentemente. Eu me sentia desmotivada para fazer qualquer coisa, incluindo comer. A mudança na minha alimentação também foi uma grande influência, eu sentia muita falta da comida do Brasil!

At some point I was barely eating, therefore I developed a heartburn condition, which made it even more difficult to eat because anything I ate bothered my stomach. I started going to the bathroom 3 times a week instead of daily, and even though I was getting many compliments on the way I looked, I felt weak and I wasn't happy. I was too skinny, and didn't have the energy I have today.

There is a thing about changing your body that I believe you only understand after you have done it: the change doesn't happen in your body, but in your mind! After 6 months in the US my experience started to change - I was more adapted to a life far from my family, and my English improved enough to have longer conversations. I started seeing life from a different perspective. I opened my eyes to the opportunities this country could offer me, and I decided to go to school in New York City. It was the most challenging step I've ever taken in my life, and I had to work very hard to achieve it. And one of the main things I had to do was to take care of my body.

Cheguei a um ponto em que quase não comia, portanto eu desenvolvi uma gastrite nervosa, que tornou ainda mais difícil para comer porque qualquer coisa que eu comia incomodava meu estômago. Comecei a ir ao banheiro três vezes por semana, ao em vez de todos os dias, e mesmo recebendo muitos elogios por estar magra, eu me sentia fraca e não estava feliz. Eu estava muito magra, e não tinha a energia que eu tenho hoje.

Existe uma coisa sobre uma grande mudança no seu corpo que eu acredito que você só entende depois de ter feito. A mudança não acontece em seu corpo, mas em sua mente! Após 6 meses no EUA minha experiência começou a mudar. Eu estava mais adaptada com a vida longe da minha família, e meu Inglês melhorou o suficiente para ter conversas mais longas. Comecei a ver a vida com uma perspectiva diferente. Abri os olhos para as oportunidades que esse país poderia trazer para mim, e eu decidi fazer faculdade em Nova York. Foi o passo mais desafiador que eu já tomei na minha vida, e eu tive que trabalhar muito duro para alcançar esse sonho. E uma das coisas que eu tive que fazer foi cuidar do meu corpo.

This city is extremely tough, and to make it here it's crucial to be strong not only mentally but also physically. I can't afford to get sick and waste my time in bed, or not have enough energy to work hard every day. So now, after a little more than a year living in NYC, I've found the balance that I needed. I am very happy with my body, not just with the way it looks, but also for giving me the chance to wake up early every day and get shit done! I am 23 years old and there are many other dreams I want to achieve, and that is why I want to be strong and have energy to work hard.

And because I receive so many messages asking about my body, I decided to share my fitness tips with everyone who reads my blog. From now on, I am going to publish a post every Thursday talking about health, fitness, and lifestyle changes. I am going to show you some of the workouts I currently do, and the ones I am going to try in the future. I want to inspire you to eat healthier, because it can taste so damn good, and it can power your life in a way you can not even imagine. 

Thank you for being part of this new project, and I want to hear your voice too! Please send me questions and suggestions. I want you to find the balance I've found to live happier with the amazing body you have!

A vida nessa cidade é extremamente difícil, e para alcançar meus objetivos aqui é crucial ser forte, não só mentalmente mas também fisicamente. Eu não quero ficar doente e perder meu tempo na cama, ou não ter energia suficiente para trabalhar duro todos os dias. Agora, depois de um pouco mais de um ano vivendo em Nova York, eu encontrei o equilíbrio que eu precisava. Estou muito feliz com o meu corpo, e não apenas pelo o que eu vejo no espelho, mas por ele me dar a chance de acordar cedo todos os dias e fazer tudo o que tenho para fazer! Eu tenho 23 anos e existem muitos outros sonhos que desejo alcançar, e é por isso que eu quero estar forte e ter energia para trabalhar duro.

E por causa das mensagens que recebo perguntando sobre o meu corpo, eu decidi compartilhar minhas dicas de fitness com todo mundo que lê o meu blog. De agora em diante, vou publicar um post toda quinta-feira falando sobre saúde, fitness, e mudanças no estilo de vida. Vou mostrar alguns dos exercícios que eu atualmente faço, e os que eu vou experimentar no futuro. Eu quero poder te inspirar a comer mais saudável porque é sim gostoso comer saudável, e pode mudar a sua vida de uma maneira que você nem pode sequer imaginar.

Obrigada por fazer parte desse novo projeto, e eu quero ouvir sua voz também! Por favor me enviem perguntas e sugestões! Eu quero que você possa também encontrar o equilíbrio que eu encontrei para viver mais feliz com o corpo incrível que você tem!

Black bathing suit: Jaime Ashley



Hollywood's Best Hike

I arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. I was super excited to finally get to know “The Golden State”, where the winter isn’t as extremely cold as in NYC. The weather didn’t disappoint me: As soon as I stepped out of LAX, rays of the shining sun hit my skin, and I immediately felt like it was summer again.

In the next morning, we were ready to enjoy some time outside, so we went on a hike that leads to the area behind the Hollywood sign. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the top, and the entire path was very enjoyable. The walking up was not too steep, the weather was deliciously warm, and after every turn, a new magnificent view was revealed. I could not stop thinking how blessed I am for having the chance to see from close what I always saw on the screens.

To make the day even more exciting, I bumped into Brazilian beauty blogger Camila Coelho on my way to the hike. She is even more lovely in person, and it was nice to see her shooting for a Riachuelo (Brazilian fashion store) campaign here in California.

You will get to see many more beautiful Cali locations in the next posts, so stay tuned! Xo

Sunglasses: Kaibosh

Plaid Shirt: / Camisa xadrez: Uniqlo

Leggings: Forever 21

Black tank top: / Blusa preta: Forever 21

Photography by: Lindsey Thoeng

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